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As A Renter, You Have Rights!

Renters Rights In the United States

Renters rights the United States have often been a point of contention between the landlord and the actual tenants. It almost makes no sense though because a good relationship, without any contentious activity, between the landlord and the renting tenant is good for all parties.

Unfortunately over the years there have been some crazy situations where tenants and landlords were at odds and therefore litigation is now not an uncommon situation when there is a discrepancy as to whom is responsible for what.

This is where the rights of renters come into play and where the protection of the tenant from an overbearing or irresponsible landlord becomes an issue.

We are hoping that we can bolster the security of a renting tenant by sharing the rights that renters have in real estate matters over the next couple thousand pages of information. This of course, is not legal information, but generally accepted as correct in most situations. The site is not managed or

Renters Rights

Renters Rights

owned by a lawyer or a paralegal nor does it have any relationship with anyone in those capacities. It is simply a website dedicated to sharing knowledge that has been gathered over years by someone who was once a landlord.

Some may say that as a former landlord my thinking could be improper as to the rights of renters when it comes to homes, apartments or condominiums. They certainly have the freedom to think that and many would not even argue that point and neither will I. On the other hand I’ve nothing to gain by sharing dis-information and to believe it is important that someone from the other side of the fence can point out fallacies and other your responsibilities that take away from the rights of renters in the real estate market.

With that in mind many things on this website should benefit those who have hardships when it comes to a landlord situation. Hopefully it will help solve problems as to a landlord tenancy relationship and also points both the landlord and the renter in the proper direction when it comes to a point of contention.

Landlords, well good landlords, are concerned about their renters and understand that the renters do have particular rights specific to them as a tenant in a piece of real estate that is considered a home or residence. Landlords prefer a long-term tenant who will be there year after year taking care of their property and paying the rent in a timely fashion. That makes the job of the landlord easy and is actually worth dollars to the landlord as there is less work involved less people to pay to carry out that work.

So as you come across various questions as to the rights you have as the renter in your particular situation search this particular site and you may very well find the answers and one that satisfies not just the situation which are hunting but also educate the landlord so that the next time the situation comes up, perhaps with another tenant, he will see that the renters rights are outlined clearly.

When there is harmony and a lack of contentiousness in a situation, whether it is a business or personal situation, it makes for easy living everybody involved. Sometimes you just have to lay out the specific rights or your specific protection and it does not have to be done in a way that could be an issue for either party. It can be done in a matter of fact fashion and one where all parties enter with an open mind, hear the facts, discuss the situation, come to a resolution and leave peaceably.

That is exactly why is important to outline, in a residential or commercial situation, exactly what the renters rights are and how they should be enforced and or protected.