Alaska Rental Rights

Alaska Rental Rights

Alaska is located away from mainland America although it still abides by several landlord tenant laws that are very similar to the other states in America. But, just like all the other states, there are some slight variations in Alaska rental rights and this article will go over some of the most important Alaska rental rights that should be known by a landlord or a tenant.

Rental agreement – Alaska rental rights – Most conflicts and issues surrounding Alaska rental rights can be avoided if the rental agreement is prepared with caution and careful thought. The rental agreement will have to clearly specify the tenure of the lease and the rent payment schedule. It is also very important that the tenant and landlord also sign what is called a condition statement. This is where the tenant inspects the property before taking up residence in it. The condition of the apartment isAlaskan Rental Rights described on a piece of paper which will then be signed and dated by both the landlord and tenant. The condition document will help avoid several issues that might crop up in regards to Alaska rental rights in the future.

Responsibilities of the landlord – Alaska rental rights – This section of Alaska rental rights is very general and it will require that the landlord provide his or her address and contact number to the tenant. The landlord will also be required to keep the rented property in a habitable condition with access to utilities and running water. Any increase in rent or termination of lease will require a proper notice from the landlord according to Alaska rental rights guidelines. Alaska rental rights compliance also require that the landlord always provide basic amenities such as plumbing maintenance, garbage receptacles etc. If they fail to do so, the tenant has the right to claim damages sought for repairs and they might also be able to claim expenses related to alternative living accommodations until the problems in the rented property are sorted out.

Responsibilities of the tenant – Alaska rental rights – Tenants will be responsible for maintaining the rented property in a habitable and clean condition and will also be required to contribute to the peace of the community that immediately surrounds the rented property in question. They are also obligated to pay rent within agreed upon deadlines and will also be responsible for making sure that the smoke detectors in their property have good batteries installed in them.

Security deposits – Alaska rental rights – The laws concerning Alaska rental rights suggest that the security deposit should not exceed the amount that is equivalent to two months of rent. However, an exception to this cap on security deposit can be made when the rent of the property is in excess of $2,000 a month. Landlords will have to return the security deposit within 14 days after the tenant has vacated the property with due notice. If the tenant did not give sufficient notice before vacating, the landlord will have 30 days in which they can return the security deposit, according to Alaska rental rights legislature.

Eviction grounds – Alaska rental rights – According to laws surrounding Alaska rental rights, the landlord may evict a client for nonpayment or late payment of rent or for abuse or neglect of the property. The landlord will have to serve a written notice to the tenant who will then have a chance to appeal the eviction in court. If the tenant appeals to go to court to contest his Alaska rental rights, an eviction hearing will usually be held within 15 days of the filed appeal. The judge will then decide if the eviction will stay in effect of if the tenant will have the right to continue to stay in the rented property.

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  1. My landord entered my home while I was gone for 30min to One hour. Stating that I left my fan on in the bathroom. I want out of my lease agreement because I feel that it is an invasion of my privacy.
    Please call me ASAP Thankyou:)

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