Apartment Tenant Rights

Apartment Tenant Rights

Ideally, one would want to own a home in America. However, many are not able to do so and end up as tenants in one of the millions of properties that are available for rent across the nation. Every tenant in America is eligible to a variety of apartment tenant rights that will protect them against some unruly or unethical landlords who might want to otherwise take advantage of tenants. The passage below will briefly introduce the reader to some important apartment tenant rights in effect today. One must also understand that most disputes in renting contracts arise when the following apartment tenant rights have been abused in some way or another. Thus, one should immediately raise their concerns when any of the following apartment tenant rights are being abused in a rental contract.

Discrimination – apartment tenant rights – Apartment tenant rights guidelines strictly lay down that landlords should not discriminate against tenants on any basis. So, discrimination on the basis of country of origin, race or color is strictly prohibited and also punishable by law. Apartment tenant rights guidelines will also disallow discrimination against blind people who are in possession of a guide dog or against handicapped or physically or mentally disabled people.

Security deposits amount- apartment tenant rights – All state laws will allow the landlord to collect a security deposit amount from renting tenants although there are limitations on the amount of security deposit that can be collected. For example, apartment tenant rights will allow a tenant to question a security deposit amount that is more than one or two months of rent. However, tenants have to understand that apartment tenant rights in relation to security deposits will depend on the state of residence. Every state has different rules and some states like California will allow a landlord to seek a security deposit that is equal to three months of rent for a furnished apartment that comes with appliances or furniture.

Security deposit refunds – apartment tenant rights – Apartment tenant rights will allow a tenant to receive a refund of their security deposit, minus any repair deductions, within a period of about 14-45 days after they have left the apartment. If the landlord has deducted the security deposit amount to pay for repairs, apartment tenant rights will allow the tenant to expect an itemized list as proof of those deductions. This itemized list will have to be provided within a period of 30 days. In some states, apartment tenant rights will allow the tenant to sue the landlord if they do not follow the above mentioned procedures concerning a security deposit refund.

Repairs – apartment tenant rights – Another very commonly disputed item in renting arrangement is repairs. Apartment tenant rights will generally require the landlord to carry out repairs in an apartment as long as the repairs were not caused by the tenant themselves. In some states, apartment tenant rights will allow the tenant to hire professional help to carry out repairs on their own as long as they have informed the landlord about doing so. They can then get the repair expenses reimbursed or deducted from future rent payments to the landlord.

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