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As A Renter, You Have Rights!

Arkansas Rental Rights

Arkansas Rental Rights

Arkansas has the most landlord friendly laws and it is very important for tenants in the state of Arkansas to be well aware of the most common Arkansas rental rights if they do not want to be taken advantage of. There are plenty of unethical landlords who might take advantage of gullible tenants who have no idea about even some of the most basic Arkansas rental rights. This article will hopefully help change that situation. Without much further ado, here is a quick summary of the most important Arkansas rental rights.

Security deposits – Arkansas rental rights – Before we get into this particular section about Arkansas rental rights, potential tenants must understand that these laws pertaining to security deposit protection only apply to landlords who have ownership of more than 6 rented properties. The security deposit for a particular property cannot exceed an amount that is the sum of two months of rent. Arkansas rental rights will allow a tenant to demand a refund of the security deposit within 30 days of vacating a property if he or she is vacating the premises with proper notice. The landlord may however retain a portion or the entire security deposit to pay for damages and repairs caused to the apartment by the tenant. Arkansas rental rights will allow the tenant to seek a justification of these deductions from the security deposit by seeking an itemized bill that will outlay the various repairs carried out by the landlord.

Rental rates – Arkansas rental rights – According to rental laws in Arizona, a landlord is not supposed to increase the rent of a property before the end of the agreed upon lease period. For example, if a tenant and landlord agreed upon a certain rental amount for a period of 6 months, the Renters Rights Arkansaslandlord will have to wait until the 6 months pass before he or she can raise the rent. Unjustified or unplanned increases in rent can be questioned and contested by the tenant who is protected by Arkansas rental rights. Even if a tenant and landlord have a verbal agreement, the Arkansas rental rights law requires that at least one month’s rent is agreed upon in a written agreement.

Grounds for eviction – Arkansas rental rights – Arkansas rental rights will protect the tenant against surprise or unplanned evictions. A landlord cannot just ask a tenant to leave just because they want their property back for some reason. They will have to wait until the lease agreement expires, when they can decide not to renew the lease. If there was no written agreement, Arkansas rental rights will still require that the tenant be given a one month’s notice before vacating the apartment or property in question.

Discrimination not allowed – Arkansas rental rights – Just like all the other states in the U.S, discrimination is strictly not allowed in the state of Arkansas, which abides by the Fair housing act. Arkansas rental rights will protect tenants against discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, color, religion or country of origin. It is also illegal for a landlord to charge different rents for different races or any other discriminative factors.