California Rental Rights

California Rental Rights

California is one of the most populated states in the United States and the state has a rather large list of clauses and laws that protect tenants against unscrupulous landlords. That being said, one will first have to be aware of the various California rental rights in order to make sure that they are being treated well by landlords. Here is a list of California rental rights that should be known by any tenant in the state of California.

Security deposit – California rental rights – Security deposit and security deposit refunds are probably the number one cause of disputes and misunderstandings when it comes to rental agreements. California rental rights enable the tenant too seek a full refund of the security deposit within 21 days of vacating a rental property, after giving due notice. The landlord can however retain part or the whole security deposit to cover damagesRenters Rights California and repair work to the property inhabited by the leaving tenant. California rental rights will allow a tenant to seek a written explanation of reasons explaining why the security deposit was deducted or held back.

Pre rental disclosures – California rental rights – A tenant with California rental rights is entitled to seek pre rental disclosures from the landlord about issues such as presence of lead paint or other harmful construction materials that might be used in the property for rent. This pre rental disclosure given by the landlord will also need to mention any deaths that might have occurred in the property in the past three years.

Habitable premises – California rental rights – Just like all the other states in America, California rental rights entitle a tenant to safe, healthy and habitable living conditions in a property that will need to be provided for by the landlord. Habitable conditions will usually include running water, both hot and cold, heating and electricity. In general, California rental rights will entitle the tenant to all minimum requirements that make up a habitable environment as stated in the California housing and building codes.

Right to a quiet accommodation – California rental rights – All tenants in California have the right to a peaceful accommodation that will include quiet and peaceful living conditions. This will mean that neither the landlord nor neighbors should be a nuisance or deterrent to the peace of the tenant or other members living in the community where the rental property is located. California rental rights that pertain to this clause are often referred to as right of quiet enjoyment.

Right to privacy – California rental rights – If a landlord wants to inspect a rented property for an inspection or to carry out repair work, he or she must provide the tenant with a notice at least 24 hours before entering the apartment. Though 24 hours is the minimum, California rental rights will usually require that the landlord provide at least a 48 hour notice on most occasions. Even after providing the notice, the landlord may only enter at a very reasonable time that will not disturb the peace of the tenant. California rental rights will however not prevent the landlord from entering a property at any time, without written notice, in the case of an emergency such as a fire.

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