California Renter Laws

California Renter Laws

Every state has an exhaustive list of tenant protection laws that will give a tenant a number of rights. The situation is no different in the state of California where tenants have the protection from a number of California renter laws that will save them in dispute cases that relate to security deposit refunds, evictions, repairs etc. The passage below will summarize the most important California renter laws that are applicable in the present day.

Rights against discrimination – California renter laws – California renter laws will disallow any kind of landlord discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex or country of origin. California renter laws will also prevent the landlord from inquiring about source of income or immigration status. Thus, it would be against California renter laws if a landlord asked a potential Hispanic tenant if they were permanent residents in the U.S., before renting out their apartment to them.

Types of lease agreements – California renter laws - California renter laws mandate that a lease agreement should be entered into in writing. Oral leases may be agreed upon although even the oral lease will have to be converted to a written one within a period of 15 days from the date when the oral lease was entered into. California renter laws require that a lease have the following basic requirements. A lease will have to mention the period of the lease, the address of the rental property, the name of the landlord and the name of the tenant as well as the rent amount and the pay by date for the rent.

Hazardous materials declaration – California renter laws – California renter laws will not require a landlord to voluntarily state the presence of hazardous materials such as asbestos or lead based paint in the rental unit although landlords are obligated to provide that information if the tenant explicitly requests it. If a rental property was a former meth lab or a place where illegal drugs were manufactured, California renter laws will require that the landlord first hire a health inspector to pass the property as fit for living, before renting it out to tenants.

Privacy rights – California renter laws – California renter laws will offer the tenant privacy even against landlords who might want to enter the rental property for various reasons. Landlords will be required to first provide a written notice of entry before they enter an apartment. However, California renter laws in regards to privacy will not apply in emergency situations such as a fire or earthquake where the landlord is allowed to enter a property without permission or notice.

Rights to sue the landlord – California renter laws – California laws will allow a tenant to sue the landlord for various offences such as improper repairs, illegal evictions or intrusion of privacy. If a landlord does not carry out repairs in a proper fashion, California renter laws will allow the tenant to withhold rent of fix the problems themselves and then deduct the expenses from the rent payments. California laws will also allow the tenant to move out of a property without any binding obligations if the landlord is negligent of their duties and responsibilities.

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