California Tenant Right

California Tenant Right

There is many a California tenant right that is available to a renter in the state of California. This article will briefly go over a small California tenant right list which will allow a renter to understand their rights and privileges in a rental arrangement. One should however understand that the following passage is by no means a complete California tenant right list and that there might be several other laws that could be applicable to a particular renting situation in the state of California. One will be well advised to either consult a good real estate attorney or go through the state’s tenancy law handbook if they are looking for information with which they want to file legal paperwork or take decisions of important consequence.

Security deposit refund – California tenant right – The California tenant right in regards to security deposit states that a landlord must refund a security deposit within a period of three weeks after the end of a lease. Also, the California tenant right in regards to security deposit states that the tenant can ask the landlord to inspect the apartment two weeks before the lease expires. This way, the California tenant right in regards to security deposit will allow the tenant and landlord to come to a consensus on whether or not there is any damage in the apartment. A lot of disputes come about with the security deposit refund after the tenant has left the apartment as the landlord might come up with fictitious repair charges that may not be verifiable by the tenant. The California tenant right mentioned above will help a tenant avoid that situation. Also, the California tenant right law states that a landlord can only charge a maximum of two months of rent as security deposit for an unfurnished apartment while a maximum of three month’s rent can be charged as deposit for a furnished apartment.

Habitability and privacy – California tenant right – The California tenant right law around habitability states that the landlord is responsible to keep a rental property in conformity with the local and state building and construction codes. Repair expenses to bring a property into a habitable condition will have to be borne by the landlord. As for privacy for the tenant, California tenant right law will require the landlord to provide a written notice, in advance, informing the tenant of their intention to enter the apartment. Also, this California tenant right law in regards to privacy will only allow the landlord to enter during reasonable business hours and only for valid reasons such as repairs or inspections.

Protection against retaliation – California tenant right – Retaliation from the landlord usually happens when they take the law into their own hands and begin eviction proceedings without a court issued order. However, California tenant right law prohibits any kind of personal retaliation and the law will allow tenants to go back inside the property and wait for the sheriff’s department to serve an eviction notice. The California tenant right law in this regard might also allow the tenant to sue the landlord for damages related to the retaliation and its consequences.

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