Apartment Rights for Renters

The passage below will talk about some important apartment rights for renters. When a tenant takes up residency in a rental apartment or any rental property for that matter, they immediately come under the protection of certain apartment rights for renters that are laid out by state and federal governments. These apartment rights for renters will assist tenants by giving them an avenue in which they can approach a certain problem or dispute that might come up in a rental contract. A good working knowledge of these apartment rights for renters will allow tenants to understand the rights and responsibilities of a landlord and will thus be able to help them detect any kind of abuse or neglect on the part of the landlord. Without much further ado, here is a quick run through of some important apartment rights for renters.

Privacy – apartment rights for renters – The apartment rights for renters will allow all tenants in the U.S. to enjoy a clause called “quiet enjoyment”. This clause will Continue reading

Apartment Renters Rights

Apartment Renters Rights

When a tenant lives in a rental apartment, they are provided access to several apartment renters rights, as defined by the state government. In the U.S., all 50 states have their own version of tenancy law, thus the versions of apartment renters rights will also differ slightly from state to state. This article will generally try to highlight the most important apartment renters rights that are generally applicable in all states in the U.S.

Quiet enjoyment – apartment renters rights – These apartment renters rights are also commonly known as privacy rights. With these apartment renters rights, the renter can expect to live in a rental property that is void of any disturbances from other neighbors or the landlord. The property should be free of noise, odors and intrusions. Continue reading

Texas Apartment Association

Texas Apartment Association

The TAA or the Texas apartment association is a not for profit association that offers various services to professionals in the apartment rental market. It was founded in 1963 and is a very well known entity in the Texas rental market. The Texas apartment association has its presence in 25 different cities in Texas and currently has more than 10,000 members on its roster. The members of the Texas apartment association are usually property managers, builders, developers and rental property owners who offer rental services to the general public in the state of Texas. Below, you will find more information on Texas apartment association.

Who does the Texas apartment association serve? – Texas apartment association – As mentioned earlier, the Texas apartment association is a not for profit association that offers various services to professionals in the rental field. These professionals in turn offer rental arrangements to the general public of Texas. The Texas apartment association currently represents close to 2 million rental Continue reading

Apartment Tenants Rights

Apartment Tenants Rights – A List of Basic Tenant Rights

When a tenant puts their signature on a rental contact, they are immediately subject to a number of apartment tenants rights that are provided by the state tenancy laws. Every state will provide apartment tenants rights to the tenants residing in rental properties. These apartment tenants rights will protect the tenant from unfair abuse and manipulation by the landlords and allow then to experience an enjoyable renting experience. The passage below will illustrate some of these apartment tenants rights.

Rental application process – apartment tenants rights – Apartment tenants rights will not only protect existing tenants, they will also protect potential tenants against any kind of discrimination from landlords or rental agencies. According to the guidelines set forth by apartment tenants rights laws, it is illegal for a landlord to discriminate against potential tenants on any basis such as sex, sexual orientation, color, race, creed Continue reading

Apartment Rights

Apartment Rights – List of Common Tenant Rights

Apartment rights or tenant rights are those rights that will legally protect a tenant in a rental contract. There are many kinds of apartment rights and it will usually be decided by state law. In the U.S, apartment rights for each state is set by the individual State government in question and apartment rights will vary slightly from state to state as a result.  The passage below will generally summarize apartment rights that are applicable in majority of the states in the U.S.

Collection of security deposits – apartment rights – Before a tenant can move in, the landlord will usually seek a security deposit. Usually, state governments will limit the amount of security deposit that can be charged. However, a handful of states like Oregon and Illinois do not pose any such limitations. In all the other states, it would be a Continue reading

Name Change

Name Change in a Rental Contract

A name change in a rental contract can happen for a variety of reasons. One might be subletting an apartment to someone or maybe bringing in a new roommate to live in a rental apartment. Since the property is a rental one, the tenant will often have to follow a certain set of procedures to get the name change recorded legally. It is very important that a proper name change is done as informal or verbal name changes can result in invalid lease or rental agreements that will be a source of many disputes. This article will go over some situations where a name change might be called for.

Subletting an apartment – name change – Some states will allow a tenant to sub let an apartment as long as they have permission from the landlord. One such example is New York City which allows subletting with a landlord’s consent. Before subletting the apartment, tenants are advised to approach their landlord and enquire Continue reading