Breaking A Lease: How Difficult Is It?

There are many potential legal and financial consequences to breaking a lease. Anyone who is considering trying to take such action should give very serious thought to these consequences before moving forward. It is possible to break a lease under certain circumstances, but it is not an easy or fast process. Before you begin to consider breaking a lease there are certain things you need to know and do.

It is very important that you know your rights before you begin to attempt breaking a lease. You must know what you are legally entitled to do and what you are prohibited from doing. Carefully read over the lease agreement you signed with your landlord before taking possession of the property. Carry out some preliminary research on the landlord-tenant laws in the state in which you live. Take careful notes on anything that might pertain to your particular situation which might make it legal for you to break your lease.

Sometimes the state in which you live might require you to breaking a leasedo certain things like notifying the landlord of any problems you are experiencing in the apartment that might make you want to break your lease. If you notify your landlord about any such problems, be sure to do it in writing and keep a record of it. This will be important information for you to have if your case becomes a legal matter.

It is important that you understand the reasons for breaking a lease. If you wish to break the lease because you can no longer afford to pay the rent or your job has been transferred and you need to move to another location closer to your new job, breaking a lease can be quite easy in cases like this. Usually in cases such as this, your landlord will simply require notice of about two months. Failure to give this notice may result in you forfeiting your deposit. Continue reading

Break Your Lease – How to Evade a Penalty When Breaking a Lease

As all of you tenants will know, when you sign the lease between you and the landlord, you are legally bound to pay the stated amount of rent, for the stated amount of time, but what happens when you break a lease? In this article we will look at how likely you are to get penalized for breaking your lease, and what severity of penalty you will be facing.

Of course, the severity of the penalty, or whether or not you actually receive a penalty comes down to the landlord, as they are the ones in charge. If you getpenalty when breaking a lease on well with your landlord and they are a reasonable person then you may have a better chance Continue reading

Breaking a Lease

Breaking a Lease – Information That You Need to Know As a Tenant

Even the best of us are sometimes faced with tough situations that will make us to fail in our obligations, even though we would like to avoid it at all costs. Breaking a lease is one such situation that might become necessary for a tenant who is just not able to continue living at a rental property for various reasons. Though breaking a lease will generally work against the tenant, it is possible for a tenant to protect themselves in certain situations where breaking a lease can be justified with some valid reasons. This article will quickly cover such situations.

Relocation – Breaking a lease – If a tenant can prove that they have to relocate to a far off place in order to continue their employment or that they have to move due to some pressing concerns, the landlord and tenant might be able to negotiate a mutually agreed upon eviction that is also called a constructive eviction. The law will still Continue reading