California Renter’s Laws Provisions

Renters Laws for Those in the State of California

Millions of tenants live in the state of California, many of them completely unaware of the various California renters laws that protect them. The state of California has promulgates numerous laws that protect the rights and interests of these renters. These laws are available to the public for viewing at any public library in California or via a state website devoted to California renter’s laws. But most tenants have a pretty reasonable understanding of how they are protected by law in their rental situation.

All California renter’s laws have a provision which allows a landlord to possess a key to any given property he rents. He is not permitted, however, to have unlimited access to the apartment. A landlord must always give at least twenty-four hours advance notice whenever he intends to enter anCalifornia Renters Laws for tenants apartment. Generally, landlords are only permitted to enter a tenant’s apartment to do an inspection or carry out a repair of some sort. Tenants are obligated to allow the landlord access to show an apartment once they have given notice of their intent to vacate the premises.

A tenant is allowed to sue a landlord who enters their premises without serving advance notice. Tenants should know that these California renters laws of privacy do not apply in any emergency situation. In cases of emergency, a landlord is permitted to enter an apartment without giving advance notice. Continue reading

California Renters Law

California Renters Law

When tenants in California rent a property from a landlord, they are covered by various statutes of California renters law. For example, California renters law will have various clauses that cover aspects such as discrimination, types of leases, hazardous materials, security deposits, eviction and so on. This page will quickly try to go through some rather important aspects of California renters law which might come in very handy for a tenant in the golden state.

Rights against discrimination – California renters law – According to California renters law, a tenant or a prospective tenant can sue a landlord if they suspect that they have been denied a rental property because of discrimination. California is home to people of different races, ethnicities and languages and it is not uncommon to Continue reading

California Renters Laws

California Renters Laws

California or “The Golden State” is one of the largest states in the U.S that is home to millions of tenants. To protect the rights and interest of this vast renting population, the state has come up with an exhaustive set of California renters laws. One will be able to look up the complete list of California renters laws at a state website or even through a law handbook at a public library. However, it is mostly enough if tenants are at least aware of the most important California renters laws that are applicable today. The passage below will briefly touch upon these very important aspects of California renters laws.

Privacy laws – California renters laws – California renters laws will allow a landlord to possess a key to a rental property although they may only enter a rental property after informing tenants in advance. Also, California renters laws state that the Continue reading

California Renter Laws

California Renter Laws

Every state has an exhaustive list of tenant protection laws that will give a tenant a number of rights. The situation is no different in the state of California where tenants have the protection from a number of California renter laws that will save them in dispute cases that relate to security deposit refunds, evictions, repairs etc. The passage below will summarize the most important California renter laws that are applicable in the present day.

Rights against discrimination – California renter laws – California renter laws will disallow any kind of landlord discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex or country of origin. California renter laws will also prevent the landlord from inquiring about source of income or immigration status. Thus, it would be against California renter laws Continue reading

California Rental Law

California Rental Law – An Overview

There are many clauses in California rental law. It would be very difficult for an article of this size to go over all the aspects of California rental law although it will make an effort to cover those aspects of California rental law that are most commonly used by tenant and landlords alike.

Without much further ado, here are the most important California rental law aspects.

Security deposits - California rental law – According to California rental law, a landlord may charge a security deposit amount that is no more than the sum of two month’s rent. If the apartment happens to be furnished, California rental law will allow the landlord to collect three months of rent instead of two as security deposit. Also, california rental lawCalifornia rental law states that landlords can charge half a month’s rent as extra security deposit if the tenant is going to have a waterbed in the property. Waterbeds Continue reading

California Rental Laws

California Rental Laws – Summary of Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

A tenant residing in the state of California should ideally be aware of the various California rental laws in effect today. However, the reality is that most tenants are not aware of even some of the most basic California rental laws that apply to very commonly disputed issues such as security deposits, repairs etc. This article will hopefully be able to enlighten readers with a quick summary of the most important California rental laws applicable in the state.

Oral or written lease agreement – California rental laws – California rental laws will allow for both oral as well as written contracts. However, if a rental contract is going to be in effect for more than a year, it will need to be in writing. Tenants are generally advised to sign written legal contracts for any lease period as a written agreement is always better than an oral one when it comes to protection of tenant rights.

Maintenance of the rental premises – California rental laws – California rental laws will require that the landlord always maintain the rental premises in a condition that will provide heat, electricity, good plumbing and running water. In addition to that, California rental laws will also require that the locks be in working condition and that the property is free of pests or any kind of infestation. The rental property must also have access to garbage receptacles for easy disposal of garbage.

Repairs – California rental laws – California rental laws will require the landlord to carry out repairs to a rental property within a reasonable amount of time. If the landlord fails to carry out repairs in a reasonable amount of time, California rental laws will allow the tenant to carry out the repairs themselves and deduct those expenses from future rent payments. Alternatively, California rental laws will also allow the tenant to move out of the rental property if the landlord ignores requests for repairs.

Notice periods – California rental laws – If a tenant is unable to pay rent, California rental laws will first require that the landlord provide a three day notice to the tenant. If the tenant is not able to pay the back rent during this three day period, California rental laws will allow the landlord to serve a 30 day eviction notice after which the tenant can be forcibly moved out of the apartment. California laws will however allow the tenant to plead their case in the courts if they choose to. California laws prohibit the landlord from changing the locks of an apartment as a way to personally evict the tenant.

Safety issues – California rental laws – The rental laws in CA require the landlord to disclose the presence of potentially dangerous construction material in a rental property. For example, they will have to provide a written notice stating that a property has hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead based paint etc if the property Continue reading