California Landlord Tenant Laws – Evictions, Dispute Management, Repairs

Though there are an umpteen number of California landlord tenant laws that will cover various clauses, this article will try to focus on three very important aspects of California landlord tenant laws, the three being evictions, dispute management and repairs. The passages below will try to provide the reader with more information on the just mentioned aspects of California landlord tenant laws.

Evictions – California landlord tenant laws – California is very similar to all the other states in the U.S. when it comes to eviction laws. California landlord tenant laws will require landlords to pursue an eviction only through the court system. Personal acts of eviction such as lockouts, harassment etc are strictly prohibited by California landlord tenant laws. In fact, California landlord tenant laws will allow a tenant to Continue reading

California Landlord Tenant Laws Explained

California landlord tenant law comprises of an extensive set of rules and regulations that will regulate and guide all aspects of a rental contract. In fact, California landlord tenant law will also govern the way rental contracts are carried out even before a rental contract has come into existence or after it has run its course. For example, California landlord tenant law will dictate the terms on which a tenant can be selected or eliminated before a lease agreement is signed while it will also regulate how a security deposit is to be refunded after the end of a lease. The passage below will go over a few such important aspects of California landlord tenant law.

Security deposits – California landlord tenant law – There are some very specific California landlord tenant law statutes about how much security deposit can be collected by a landlord. For example, California landlord tenant law will only allow two months Continue reading

California Tenants Law

California Tenants Law – An Overview of Importannt Tenancy Law Statutes in California

This page will present an introduction to California tenants law. Resident tenants in the state of California need to be aware of these California tenants law statutes if they want to experience a hassle free renting experience. Understanding these California tenants law statutes will allow tenants to identify their rights as a tenant and also equip them with the power of knowledge on what to do if any of their tenants rights are abused.

Type of lease agreements – California tenants law – California tenants law will allow a tenant to enter into either a rental agreement or a lease. A rental agreement is usually a short term one or a periodic tenancy such as a month to month tenancy while a lease is usually for a longer period of time, typically one year or more. California tenants law are slightly different for tenants on a lease as Continue reading

California Tenant Laws

California Tenant Laws

All landlords in the state of California are required to comply with various California tenant laws that are set forth by both the state government as well as the federal government. This article will quickly go over some salient features of California tenant laws that were created with an intention to protect both tenants and landlords from taking advantage of each other in a rental contract. California tenant laws will cover various aspects such as security deposits, lease types, evictions, habitability, repairs, privacy, late payments etc and this article will cover a few of those aspects.

Security deposit laws – California tenant laws – California tenant laws about security deposits are probably the most looked up law by the general public as there are many disputes involved in a security deposit refund. However, the California tenant laws around security deposit are pretty thorough and landlords will be obliged to make a security deposit refund within a period of 21 days, after a tenant has Continue reading

California Tenant Right

California Tenant Right

There is many a California tenant right that is available to a renter in the state of California. This article will briefly go over a small California tenant right list which will allow a renter to understand their rights and privileges in a rental arrangement. One should however understand that the following passage is by no means a complete California tenant right list and that there might be several other laws that could be applicable to a particular renting situation in the state of California. One will be well advised to either consult a good real estate attorney or go through the state’s tenancy law handbook if they are looking for information with which they want to file legal paperwork or take decisions of important consequence.

Security deposit refund – California tenant right – The California tenant right in regards to security deposit states that a landlord must refund a security deposit within a period of three weeks after the end of a lease. Also, the California tenant right in regards to security deposit states that the tenant can ask the landlord to inspect the Continue reading

CA Tenant

CA Tenant – Rights Available to a California Tenant

A California tenant or a CA tenant should know that the state of California has an extensive set of tenancy laws that were designed to protect the interest of tenants in a renting contract. California is the most populated state in the U.S. with close to 38 million residents in the state. A good proportion of that 38 million people lives in rental properties and will qualify as a CA tenants in the eyes of the state. Here is a list of common tenancy rights available to a CA tenant.

Security deposits – CA tenant – A CA tenant will usually have to pay two or three months of rent as security deposit before they can rent an apartment in California. The tenant will usually pay two months of rent as security deposit for an unfurnished apartment while landlords of furnished apartments usually charge three Continue reading

California Tenant Rights

California Tenant Rights – Tenancy Rights Available to California Renters

California is the one of the most heavily populated states in the U.S. and an overwhelming majority of that population is renters who have taken residence in one of the many thriving counties in California. A California tenant is subject to protection and rights as dictated by the state’s tenancy laws. This article will go over some of the important California tenant rights that are effective today.

Rights against discrimination – California tenant – A California tenant is sometimes subject to discrimination from the landlord as there is a very diverse culture in California. Not everyone likes everyone else and there are always a few cases of isolated racism and discrimination, even in the renting scene. However, a California Continue reading