Laws Relating to Chicago Renter’s Rights

City of Chicago Renter’s Rights

In the City of Chicago, renter’s rights are pretty vigorously protected by law. In a city that was rife with corruption under Mayor Richard Daly at one time, things have settled down quite a bit and tenants can live in relative peace knowing that their landlords can not abuse them.

Chicago renter’s rights make it against the law for any landlord to dispossess a tenant from his or her dwelling. This means that a tenant can not simply be put out onto the street even if he or she is considerably behind in paying their rent. The landlord is also not allowed to change the lock, plug the locks or add any locks. In other words, the landlord is not allowed to do anything that would prevent a tenant from entering his or her apartment.

The landlord is also not allowed to interfere with the provision of any utilities to the apartment like the heat or electricity. The landlord is not permitted to remove any of the tenant’s personal belongings. In other words, this means that the landlord can not simply have the tenant’s furniture thrown out onto the street. He or she is further precluded from interfering with any appliances contained within the apartment such as a stove or a refrigerator on which the tenant is dependent to live.

These laws are all laid out in Chicago Renter's rights and lawssomething called the Chicago Residential Landlord Tenant Ordinance. Copies of this are available at City Hall and any public library in the city of Chicago. Every person who is  a tenant should have a copy and be familiar with what it says. Continue reading

Chicago Renters Rights

Chicago Renters Rights

Tenants or renters in Chicago, IL are protected by various state tenant laws as well as local city laws. Hence, a tenant in Chicago has a number of Chicago renters rights that will protect them from abuse or unethical landlords who might try to exploit a rental contract for their own benefit or financial gain. It is very important that Chicago tenants are well aware of the various Chicago renters rights and this article will provide a good stepping stone for those who want to quickly learn about at least the most basic Chicago renters rights that are applicable today.

Repairs – Chicago renters rights – In Chicago, the Chicago renters rights will allow a tenant to pay a reduced amount as rent until certain repairs are carried out. These deductions or reductions to the rent will depend on the type of repairs that Continue reading