Why You Must Know The Landlord Rights And Responsibilities

Just like most other aspects of real estate laws and legislations, the landlord’s rights and responsibilities differ from city to city.  Whenever you decide to break into the real estate market, and look to rent out your properties to tenants, you must know your landlord rights and responsibilities in detail, as not knowing them and not executing them could lead to unhappy tenants, and unhappy tenants can lead to legal cases and you having to plead your case in court.

There are hundreds of landlord rights and responsibilities, and most of them are common sense, but there are some which you may not think about, and they tend to be the ones which need addressing the most. The ones that most landlords Continue reading

California Landlord Rights

This article will discuss some important California landlord rights. These California landlord rights will usually come in very handy to protect a landlord against a tenant who might cause financial losses or who violates the terms of lease. California landlord rights will generally protect the best interests of the landlord against tenants who might unfairly take advantage of a rental situation.

Collection of security deposits – California landlord rights – The most important set of California landlord rights pertain to the collection of security deposit. In California, California landlord rights will allow a landlord to collect up to three months of rent for a furnished apartment and up to two months of rent as security deposit for an unfurnished apartment. Additionally, California landlord rights will allow a landlord to Continue reading

Landlords Rights – Rights of Landlords

Tenancy law, as defined by the state and federal governments, will provide landlords rights and tenant rights in an effort to protect both parties during the course of a rental contract. One can find several resources related to tenant rights in other pages of this website although this article will particularly discuss some important landlords rights. Though it is rare, there are scattered cases where tenants have tried to take advantage of the landlords and these landlords rights will typically come to protect landlords against tenants who are trying to manipulate or abuse the system in their favor.

Inspections – landlords rights – Landlord rights will allow a landlord to inspect a rental apartment from time to time to ensure that the tenant is maintaining it in a reasonable condition. Tenants, according to tenancy law, will have to maintain a rental property in a safe and sanitary condition and landlords rights will allow landlords to inspect for such compliance. However, landlords have to remember that they should Continue reading

Rights of Landlord

A rental contract is essentially a business contract that is regulated by several state and federal laws. Now, these state and federal laws provide a wide range of rights to both landlords and tenants. You will find several resources about tenant rights in other pages of this website although this article will specifically focus on the rights of landlord. There are several rights of landlord that are available to protect the best interests of the landlord. Though abuse in rental contracts usually stem from the landlord’s side, it is not uncommon to see a few cases where the rights of landlord are abused as well. This article will discuss some of these rights of landlord, in the light of some very common disputes.

Removal of tenants who do not pay rent – rights of landlord – A tenancy contract can be a tricky one as it is very easy for a landlord to abuse their rights of landlord even though they might not realize it. For example, when a tenant has not paid rent, Continue reading