Landlord Tenants Law

A tenancy contract is governed by several laws that will dictate how a rental contract will be run. The landlord tenants law in every state will lay down some very specific guidelines about the rights and responsibilities of both the tenants and the landlords. In the event of any disputes or misunderstandings, landlord tenants law will also be used to settle disputes and find out if it is the landlord or the tenant to be blamed. The passage below will go over a few highlights of landlord tenants law in the U.S.

Increases in rent – landlord tenants law – Generally, landlord tenants law will not allow landlords to increase the rent of a rental property during the course of a lease.Landlord Tenant Eviction A landlord will typically have to wait until the end of the lease. Landlord tenants law will also require the landlord to provide adequate notice before increasing the rent at the end of a lease and the typical notice periods are 30-120 days, depending on the state in Continue reading

Landlord Tenant Disputes – Common Reasons for Landlord Tenant Disputes

Though there can possibly be a hundred different types of landlord tenant disputes that can take place, it is always the same set of landlord tenant disputes that often go to court. This article will try to explain the reasons behind the origin of these very common landlord tenant disputes. Knowing the reason behind these landlord tenant disputes will hopefully allow both tenants and landlords to completely avoid such landlord tenant disputes in the first place.

Illegal evictions – landlord tenant disputes – The landlord tenant disputes about evictions are the ugliest of rental disputes. In most cases, a landlord would have carried out an act of retaliation against a tenant who might have not paid rent or who might have broken the terms of a lease. Even if a tenant has not paid rent or has broken the terms of a lease, a landlord is expected to seek an eviction process in court. Instead, if the Continue reading

Why Landlords Must Follow Tenant Eviction Laws

Nobody wants to be evicted, it is not a pleasurable experience, but in some cases it has to be done. Each landlord will have their own rules when it comes to eviction, but there are certain tenant eviction laws which all must follow in order to not have a legal case on their backs. If you feel you have been evicted unfairly, and want to take the case further, you can report the landlord and take them to court, leading to potentially winning monetary damages.

The most common case of eviction comes from the tenants not paying the rent, or causing too much damage to the property. If this is the case then the landlord can legally evict you, but not suddenly. To comply with the city’s tenant eviction laws, the landlord Continue reading

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Disputes – Common Solutions

A rental agreement or a lease agreement can present several landlord and tenant disputes that could potentially crop up during the course of the contract. However, most of these landlord and tenant disputes can easily be avoided if either the tenant or the landlord was better informed about their rights and responsibilities. The passage below will try to illustrate how some common landlord and tenant disputes could have been avoided by either the landlord or tenant, depending on a particular situation.

Disputes about repairs – landlord and tenant disputes – Most of the landlord and tenant disputes revolve around Solutions to landlord tenant disputesrepairs. The tenant will be unhappy that the landlord has not carried out repairs while the landlord might be unhappy that the tenant has stopped paying rent, even though the landlord might have intended to carry out the Continue reading

CA Landlord Tenant Laws

CA Landlord Tenant Laws – An Overview of Important Tenancy Law in California

California has a population that is nearing 40 million and it is currently the most populated state in the U.S. A large % of that population in California is renters who pay rent to live on a rental premises. It is very important for that segment of the population to get a good understanding of CA landlord tenant laws as one will be able to protect their tenant rights only if they are able to understand the fundamental CA landlord tenant laws that have been put into place. This article will provide a stepping stone in that direction as it will briefly go over some of the most important tenancy statutes as set forth by CA landlord tenant laws.

Credit checks to process rental applications – CA landlord tenant laws – CA landlord tenant laws will allow a landlord to run a credit check on a potential tenant before they allow them to live in a rental property. However, CA landlord tenant Continue reading

Landlord Tenant Eviction

Landlord Tenant Eviction Process

A landlord tenant eviction process is never a pretty one. However, not all evictions have to take the ugly route where the sheriff throws a tenant and their personal belongings out on the street. The tenancy laws in most states will allow a landlord tenant eviction process to be carried out in a civilized manner. However, for that to happen, a landlord tenant eviction process will need to be approached with the right paperwork that will have to be prepared by the landlord. This article will provide a summary of the process that goes into a landlord tenant eviction process.

Reasons for eviction and a notice to evict – landlord tenant eviction process – Landlords must first realize that a tenant can first of all be evicted only on certain grounds such as nonpayment of rent or for the breaking of a lease’s terms. A landlord will be well advised to check with the state’s tenancy laws if they are not sure about whether or not an eviction process is appropriate for a certain tenant. If the law states that Continue reading

Landlord and Tenant Laws

Landlord and Tenant Laws – A List of Common Tenancy Laws

Every tenancy contract is governed by a state’s landlord and tenant laws. Additionally, some tenancy contracts will also be governed by the laws of the local jurisdiction laws such as city laws or municipal codes. These landlord and tenant laws will give a tenant and landlord a list of their rights and responsibilities. Any violations of these landlord and tenant laws will allow either party to either break a lease, sue in small claims court of file for an eviction. The aim of this article is to quickly go over some of the most important landlord and tenant laws that are applicable to most renting contacts.

Discrimination – landlord and tenant laws – Any tenancy law will first list laws against discrimination. This is because there are still many landlords out there who will not rent to people of a certain nationality or color. The landlord and Continue reading