Special Relationships: Landlords Tenants

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment from an unscrupulous landlord knows all about the special relationship between landlords and their tenants. Tenants are beholden to their landlords in special ways but the same holds true for landlords. Tenants have special rights and all landlords must uphold them or be subject to fines from the municipal government in the jurisdiction in which they own their property.

Everyone has probably had a situation in which they were afraid of one or more landlords. Tenants are afraid when the landlord comes to call if they don’t have the money to pay the rent because they are afraid that the landlord will evict them right away. They often do not know that it is illegal for a landlordlandlords and tenants to just throw them out of their apartment. They often do not know that a landlord has certain procedures to follow before he or she can proceed with an eviction. Tenants usually do not know that they have legal recourse when dealing with unethical landlords. Tenants can appeal to a landlord/tenant board in their city if their landlord is violating any of their rights under the Fair Housing Act.

There are other regulations that deal with how apartments are taken care of by landlords. Tenants have the right to live in housing that is habitable which means that the landlord is responsible to maintain the property and keep things like wiring and plumbing in good working order. In apartments where the landlord is providing the utilities, the landlord must make sure that the utility bills are paid on time so that the utilities are not shut off by the utility company. Continue reading

Landlord Tenant Protection Guidelines * Evictions, Repairs, Foreclosures

All the 50 states in the U.S. have an extensive set of laws that will dictate the course of a rental contract or a lease agreement. Tenancy law will usually offer landlord tenant protection to both parties of the contract and will make a best possible effort to offer fair and justified protection to both parties. However, tenancy law will slightly favor one party over another when it comes to landlord tenant protection and some of those situations are discussed below.

Eviction procedures – landlord tenant protection – It has to be said that landlord tenant protection is very much in favor of the tenants when it comes to situations where evictions are involved. Even if a tenant has not paid rent or is illegally staying back at an apartment after the end of a lease, they will usually have enough landlord tenant protection from the state tenancy laws to stay back at an apartment while Continue reading

California Landlord Rights

This article will discuss some important California landlord rights. These California landlord rights will usually come in very handy to protect a landlord against a tenant who might cause financial losses or who violates the terms of lease. California landlord rights will generally protect the best interests of the landlord against tenants who might unfairly take advantage of a rental situation.

Collection of security deposits – California landlord rights – The most important set of California landlord rights pertain to the collection of security deposit. In California, California landlord rights will allow a landlord to collect up to three months of rent for a furnished apartment and up to two months of rent as security deposit for an unfurnished apartment. Additionally, California landlord rights will allow a landlord to Continue reading

Rights of Landlord

A rental contract is essentially a business contract that is regulated by several state and federal laws. Now, these state and federal laws provide a wide range of rights to both landlords and tenants. You will find several resources about tenant rights in other pages of this website although this article will specifically focus on the rights of landlord. There are several rights of landlord that are available to protect the best interests of the landlord. Though abuse in rental contracts usually stem from the landlord’s side, it is not uncommon to see a few cases where the rights of landlord are abused as well. This article will discuss some of these rights of landlord, in the light of some very common disputes.

Removal of tenants who do not pay rent – rights of landlord – A tenancy contract can be a tricky one as it is very easy for a landlord to abuse their rights of landlord even though they might not realize it. For example, when a tenant has not paid rent, Continue reading

Landlord Tenant Rights – Important Landlord Tenant Rights Discussed

A rental contract should usually be a simple one where landlord provides a tenant with a great apartment while the tenant will provide the landlord with timely rent payments. However, the reality is that there are several disputes and conflicts in many rental arrangements across the nation. This article will discuss the context of some of these common disputes and will also provide information on landlord tenant rights that will help avoid such conflicts. It is very important for both tenants and landlords to be fully aware of landlord tenant rights that are available to them in their jurisdiction. The United States of America has different landlord tenant rights in every state and the landlord tenant rights will even vary from city to city in some cases. However, the general principles mentioned below will be applicable in all states.

Minimum conditions of habitability – landlord tenant rights – The landlord tenant rights guidelines in all states will require landlords to provide tenants with an apartment or rental property that meets certain basic conditions of habitability Continue reading

CA Landlord Tenant Laws

CA Landlord Tenant Laws – An Overview of Important Tenancy Law in California

California has a population that is nearing 40 million and it is currently the most populated state in the U.S. A large % of that population in California is renters who pay rent to live on a rental premises. It is very important for that segment of the population to get a good understanding of CA landlord tenant laws as one will be able to protect their tenant rights only if they are able to understand the fundamental CA landlord tenant laws that have been put into place. This article will provide a stepping stone in that direction as it will briefly go over some of the most important tenancy statutes as set forth by CA landlord tenant laws.

Credit checks to process rental applications – CA landlord tenant laws – CA landlord tenant laws will allow a landlord to run a credit check on a potential tenant before they allow them to live in a rental property. However, CA landlord tenant Continue reading

CA Landlord Tenant Law

CA Landlord Tenant Law – Introduction to California Tenancy Law

This article will be useful for tenants in California who are looking for a quick introduction or summary on CA landlord tenant law. There are many aspects to CA landlord tenant law such as clauses about security deposits, lease types, rent increases, eviction proceedings and so on and this article will introduce the reader to CA landlord tenant law on some of the just mentioned aspects.

Landlord’s right to enter a property or privacy rights for the tenant – CA landlord tenant law – CA landlord tenant law will allow a California renter to enjoy the privacy of their rental home without being disturbed by the landlord or other neighbors. If the landlord needs to enter a rental premises to carry out repairs or to show the property to a prospective client, CA landlord tenant law will require them to provide Continue reading