Landlords Have Certain Responsibilities To Their Tenants

Every person who is a landlord must be aware that they have certain responsibilities to their tenants. Tenants have rights in nearly every state in the United States and landlords must be careful to uphold these rights or be held accountable by the local tenant boards wherelandlord responsibilities toward tenants their property is located or by the municipal government.

Landlord responsibilities are not that many but they are very important. Each landlord is responsible for keeping their property in good repair.  This means that they are obligated to repair and maintain their property and obey all municipal laws, health and safety standards. They are responsible for all repairs even if the tenant knew about a specific problem before moving in to the property. Tenants are responsible only for damage they or their guests cause to the property.

Landlord responsibilities also include providing a working smoke detector in each rental unit. Tenants are responsible for maintaining working batteries in their smoke detector once they have moved in. In some municipalities, landlords are also responsible for providing a working carbon monoxide detector. Landlords should check with their municipal authorities to see if they are required to provide a carbon monoxide detector where they live.

Landlord responsibilities include maintaining all common areas of the property. This includes any areas that are shared by more than one tenant such as hallways, yards, parking lots and courtyards. They are also responsible for snow removal from driveways and walkways. This is a particularly important aspect of a landlord’s responsibilities in areas where there is a lot of annual snowfall. This also pertains to parking lots.

Landlords are also responsible for seeing that garbage is removed regularly from the property. If it is not removed by the city sanitation department, landlords must make special arrangements to have it removed from the property.

Other landlord responsibilities include providing vital services such as access to hot and cold running water and, unless the tenant is responsible for it, heat like natural gas. A landlord is prohibited from shutting these services off even if the tenant is in arrears with their rent. These services may only be shut off on a temporary basis when repairs are necessary to them. Continue reading

Why You Must Know The Landlord Rights And Responsibilities

Just like most other aspects of real estate laws and legislations, the landlord’s rights and responsibilities differ from city to city.  Whenever you decide to break into the real estate market, and look to rent out your properties to tenants, you must know your landlord rights and responsibilities in detail, as not knowing them and not executing them could lead to unhappy tenants, and unhappy tenants can lead to legal cases and you having to plead your case in court.

There are hundreds of landlord rights and responsibilities, and most of them are common sense, but there are some which you may not think about, and they tend to be the ones which need addressing the most. The ones that most landlords Continue reading

Landlords Rights – Rights of Landlords

Tenancy law, as defined by the state and federal governments, will provide landlords rights and tenant rights in an effort to protect both parties during the course of a rental contract. One can find several resources related to tenant rights in other pages of this website although this article will particularly discuss some important landlords rights. Though it is rare, there are scattered cases where tenants have tried to take advantage of the landlords and these landlords rights will typically come to protect landlords against tenants who are trying to manipulate or abuse the system in their favor.

Inspections – landlords rights – Landlord rights will allow a landlord to inspect a rental apartment from time to time to ensure that the tenant is maintaining it in a reasonable condition. Tenants, according to tenancy law, will have to maintain a rental property in a safe and sanitary condition and landlords rights will allow landlords to inspect for such compliance. However, landlords have to remember that they should Continue reading

Texas Landlord Rights

This article will discuss some very important Texas landlord rights. Reading through these important Texas landlord rights will allow both landlords as well as tenants to understand the intricacies of a lease agreement in the state of Texas. Most rental disputes are those that arise out of a total ignorance of state tenancy laws and this article on Texas landlord rights will hopefully help a few readers to understand the terms of their lease or rental agreements in a better manner.

Right to charge a security deposit and make deductions to the security deposit – Texas landlord rights – Most states will restrict the amount of security deposit that can be charged although Texas landlord rights will allow a landlord to charge any security deposit that they please. Generally, landlords exercise their Texas landlord rights in relation to security deposits by seeking one month’s rent as Continue reading

Landlord Rights – List of Important Landlord Rights

Landlord Rights – List of Important Landlord Rights

Just like how a tenant has a number of tenant rights to protect their interests in a renting arrangement, the landlord has a number of landlord rights with which they can protect their business interest as well. The article below will go over a few of these landlord rights and will explain how these landlord rights can be typically exercised by the landlord. Now, one always has to remember that tenancy laws are slightly different in all 50 states in the U.S. and that the description of landlord rights below will have to be taken on a general basis. If one were looking to enter into a legal renting dispute, they will be well advised to read through the actual law statutes of tenancy law that will list the original landlord rights and responsibilities that are applicable to a certain state or jurisdiction.

Maintenance of the apartment – landlord rights – The landlord rights of a landlord will allow them to expect a tenant to keep an apartment in a habitable and sanitary condition. For example, landlord rights will allow a landlord to evict a tenant if the tenant has not taken out the garbage for several days or is generally very Continue reading

Landlords Responsibilities

Landlords Responsibilities – A Quick Run Down

The ultimate American dream is to own a home although the current economy has made it very difficult for many people to even qualify for a mortgage, let alone get their hands on a set of keys to a house. The majority of these people have no choice but to rent property. When renting property, it is very important for tenants to be aware of the landlords responsibilities. Having knowledge about the landlords responsibilities will not allow the tenant to miss out on amenities and facilities that have to be mandatorily provided or followed by the landlord. This article will discuss some of the most important landlords responsibilities.

Responsibility to provide a habitable property – landlords responsibilities – One of the most basic landlords responsibilities is that they should provide a rental property that can always be described as a habitable one. It should have both cold and hot running water, a good heating system, secure doors and windows that are not Continue reading

Landlord Responsibilities

A Summary of Landlord Responsibilities

While a tenant is required to make timely rent payments, maintain the rental apartment in good condition and also abide by the terms of the lease, there are several landlord responsibilities that have to be fulfilled on the part of the landlord as well. This article will briefly go over the most important landlord responsibilities. A tenant should pay attention to their rental situation to make sure that these landlord responsibilities are being met. If not, they should take efforts to make complaints in order to force the landlord into fulfilling their various landlord responsibilities.

Responsibility to maintain the apartment in a habitable condition – landlord responsibilities – The most important responsibility of the landlord is to maintain the apartment in a safe and habitable condition. In other words, the landlord will always need to ensure that an apartment or rental property has heat, running Continue reading