Rental Rights – Repairs, Privacy and Basic Living Conditions

This article will discuss the rental rights available to a tenant in regards to repairs, privacy and living conditions. Rental rights regarding these three issues will ensure that tenants across the Unites States get a reasonable amount of protection in their rental contracts. However, the reader should always keep in mind that these rental rights in regards to repairs, privacy and living conditions might differ a little from state to state. Some examples of possible variations in state laws will also be mentioned in this article about rental rights.

Repairs – rental rights – In all 50 states in the U.S., the rental rights of a tenant will allow a tenant to expect landlords to carry out maintenance repairs. In fact, the landlords will be responsible for maintenance repairs to both the common areas of a rental property as well as be responsible for wear and tear repairs inside individual rental units. It is always the tenant’s responsibility to inform the landlord about the need for any Continue reading

Rental Laws

Rental Laws – A Quick Summary of Important Rental Laws

A lease or rental agreement is subject to the jurisdiction and interpretation of several rental laws. These rental laws can be governed by the jurisdiction of the local city, the state or the federal government. As a result, rental laws will usually vary from state to state although they are primarily similar in terms of principal and objectivity. This article will give the reader a brief snapshot of some important rental laws that are applicable throughout the United States.

Laws against discrimination – rental laws – Just like how it is illegal for companies to discriminate against race, sex, color, country of origin etc when it comes to employment, it is also illegal for landlords to choose tenants based on their personal discriminatory preferences. Rental laws against discrimination will also protect existing Continue reading

Law for Renters

Law for Renters – Tenancy Law to Protect Renters

Just like how business contracts are subject to legal governances, rental law is also subject to the law for renters that are set forth by each state government. In America, every state has a different law for renters that will protect the rights and responsibilities of the tenant as well as the landlord. Though this law for renters differs from state to state, one can read through the following passage to get a good understanding of the law for renters that is applicable in pretty much every state in the U.S, with only some slight variations from state to state.

Security deposit refunds – law for renters – The law for renters states that a security deposit will have to be refunded by the landlord once the tenant vacates the apartment. The landlord will be allowed to make deductions to the security deposit or even hold back the entire deposit although these deductions will have to be in Continue reading

Rent Rights

Rent Rights – A List of Common Tenancy Rights

A tenant who pays rent to occupy a property is eligible to enjoy a number of rent rights that will have to be honored by the landlord. Typically, these rent rights are protected by state law and a tenant may sue a landlord in small claims court or even criminal court when their tenant rights have been abused. This article will go over some important rent rights that are in place in most states in the U.S.

Right to a quiet enjoyment – rent rights – A landlord’s responsibility does not just end with handing over the keys to an apartment. A landlord will also need to make sure that the rent rights in regards to quiet enjoyment are protected. The term quiet enjoyment means that the tenant should be able to enjoy a property that is free of excessive noise, disturbance from neighbors and also free of intrusion of privacy. For example, if a neighbor is constantly disturbing a tenant, it would mean that the rent rights Continue reading

Rental Law

Rental Law and Eviction Procedures

Most people imagine an angry landlord and a sheriff suddenly throwing out a tenant when they think of an eviction. However, an eviction is not something that happens overnight and suddenly. There is usually a lot of protocol and legal work that is processed before an eviction is implemented and this article will discuss the rental law surrounding evictions. The passage below will generally cover rental law in relation to grounds for eviction, eviction procedures and consequences of an eviction. Tenants reading through this passage have to understand that rental law about evictions will vary from state to state or even from city to city, within a state, on some occasions. It is best that they read up on the rental law that is applicable to their particular rental property if they want to get an exact understanding of their rights and responsibilities during the course of an eviction.

Grounds for eviction – rental law – The most common reason for a landlord to carry out an eviction is because of nonpayment of rent. The economy is still in poor shape and only gradually recovering which means that there are still a lot of delinquent Continue reading

Missouri Renters Laws

Missouri Renters Laws – Renter’s Rights in Missouri

If you are reading this article, it would probably mean that you are a tenant in the state of Missouri who is trying to look up Missouri renters laws and Missouri tenant rights. If that is the case, this article is definitely a good find for you as it will quickly go over the most important Missouri renters laws. Without much further ado, here is a quick list of the most frequently researched Missouri renters laws.

Security deposits – Missouri renters laws – Missouri renters laws will require that the landlord does not charge a security deposit amount that is more than the equivalent sum of two months of rent. Also, Missouri renters laws will require that the landlord refund the security deposit within a 30 day period, once the tenant has left an apartment or rental property. If any deductions are being made to the security deposit, Missouri renters laws will require that the landlord submit a written notice about the deductions and why they are being made. For example, the landlord will have to provide proof of Continue reading

Breaking a Lease

Breaking a Lease – Information That You Need to Know As a Tenant

Even the best of us are sometimes faced with tough situations that will make us to fail in our obligations, even though we would like to avoid it at all costs. Breaking a lease is one such situation that might become necessary for a tenant who is just not able to continue living at a rental property for various reasons. Though breaking a lease will generally work against the tenant, it is possible for a tenant to protect themselves in certain situations where breaking a lease can be justified with some valid reasons. This article will quickly cover such situations.

Relocation – Breaking a lease – If a tenant can prove that they have to relocate to a far off place in order to continue their employment or that they have to move due to some pressing concerns, the landlord and tenant might be able to negotiate a mutually agreed upon eviction that is also called a constructive eviction. The law will still Continue reading