Rent Rights

Rent Rights – A List of Common Tenancy Rights

A tenant who pays rent to occupy a property is eligible to enjoy a number of rent rights that will have to be honored by the landlord. Typically, these rent rights are protected by state law and a tenant may sue a landlord in small claims court or even criminal court when their tenant rights have been abused. This article will go over some important rent rights that are in place in most states in the U.S.

Right to a quiet enjoyment – rent rights – A landlord’s responsibility does not just end with handing over the keys to an apartment. A landlord will also need to make sure that the rent rights in regards to quiet enjoyment are protected. The term quiet enjoyment means that the tenant should be able to enjoy a property that is free of excessive noise, disturbance from neighbors and also free of intrusion of privacy. For example, if a neighbor is constantly disturbing a tenant, it would mean that the rent rights Continue reading

Rental Law

Rental Law and Eviction Procedures

Most people imagine an angry landlord and a sheriff suddenly throwing out a tenant when they think of an eviction. However, an eviction is not something that happens overnight and suddenly. There is usually a lot of protocol and legal work that is processed before an eviction is implemented and this article will discuss the rental law surrounding evictions. The passage below will generally cover rental law in relation to grounds for eviction, eviction procedures and consequences of an eviction. Tenants reading through this passage have to understand that rental law about evictions will vary from state to state or even from city to city, within a state, on some occasions. It is best that they read up on the rental law that is applicable to their particular rental property if they want to get an exact understanding of their rights and responsibilities during the course of an eviction.

Grounds for eviction – rental law – The most common reason for a landlord to carry out an eviction is because of nonpayment of rent. The economy is still in poor shape and only gradually recovering which means that there are still a lot of delinquent Continue reading

Missouri Renters Laws

Missouri Renters Laws – Renter’s Rights in Missouri

If you are reading this article, it would probably mean that you are a tenant in the state of Missouri who is trying to look up Missouri renters laws and Missouri tenant rights. If that is the case, this article is definitely a good find for you as it will quickly go over the most important Missouri renters laws. Without much further ado, here is a quick list of the most frequently researched Missouri renters laws.

Security deposits – Missouri renters laws – Missouri renters laws will require that the landlord does not charge a security deposit amount that is more than the equivalent sum of two months of rent. Also, Missouri renters laws will require that the landlord refund the security deposit within a 30 day period, once the tenant has left an apartment or rental property. If any deductions are being made to the security deposit, Missouri renters laws will require that the landlord submit a written notice about the deductions and why they are being made. For example, the landlord will have to provide proof of Continue reading

Rhode Island Rental Rights

Rhode Island Rental Rights

Tenants residing in the state of Rhode Island are generally advised to read up on the various Rhode Island rental rights that have been put in place to protect the tenant. Most of the misunderstandings or disputes between tenants and landlord occur because a tenant has either misunderstood his rights or is completely not aware of any Rhode Island rental rights. This article will quickly go over some of the most important Rhode Island rental rights that will help a tenant during the course of their tenancy in the state of RI.

Terms of the rental or lease agreements – Rhode Island rental rights – Ideally, a lease agreement or rental agreement in the state of Rhode Island should mention the length of the term, the rent amount, pay by dates, security deposit clauses, maintenance obligations and a few otherrhode island real estate laws about renting factors. Rhode Island rental rights will apply to tenants even if they have not entered into written agreements as verbal agreements are sufficient. However, tenants are advised to protect their Rhode Island rental rights Continue reading