Washington State Renters Rights And Responsibilities

Tenants Renters Rights and Responsibilities


The State of Washington

In Spokane, Washington a transitional housing organization has begun working with homeless individuals to address some of the barriers they face when attempting to secure safe and stable housing. In this regard, they have begun to teach tenants about their renters rights and responsibilities as they help them transition into normal housing whether it be in cooperative housing, federal housing or more traditional rental accommodation.

To date, the program has educated some 1,000 individuals on renters rights and responsibilities from things like paying rent on time and living in a community of other renters and what that means in terms of respecting other people’s property and noise levels. The purpose of this program is to help people who have become homeless have some insight into the circumstances that may have led to their homelessness and to teach them the new skills they need to become more stable and to assist them in finding affordable, permanent housing.

The program has several goals The State of Washington  renters rights and responsibilitiesand these are: to help make housing attainable to people who face obstacles when it comes to finding permanent, safe, housing on their own; to teach life skills in certain areas like money management and to help the clients understand importance of building stable relationships; to begin to reduce homeless in the Spokane, Washington area and to collaborate with other agencies and rental agencies to help clients move into permanent housing.

Central to all these goals is teaching clients their renters rights and responsibilities because many people become homeless because they are not responsible tenants. They either do not pay their rent on time or violate some other provision in their lease agreement which allows the landlord to evict them.

Clients who are enrolled in this program complete three different sections One is on money management in which they learn how to keep and balance a checkbook, develop and live within a budget and learning about how to live without acquiring debt or how to reduce debt if they already have it. Another is on renters rights and responsibilities in which they are taught about how to read and understand a lease agreement and other aspects of Washington state landlord/tenant legislation. The third is on how to find a home. These sections are available in a classroom or a group setting. For those not capable of participating in a class or a group setting, one-on-one opportunities are available with a case manager. Continue reading

What Are Renters Rights?

What Are Renters Rights? – An Explanation of Common Tenancy Rights

Just as the title of this article promised, the passage below will try to answer the question “what are renters rights?” that are available to a tenant in the United States. Now, people must understand that the answer to the question “what are renters rights?” will vary slightly from state to state as every state in the U.S. has its own version of tenancy law. However, it would be safe to say that most of these state tenancy laws are quite similar in nature with only minor or inconsequential differences. Without much further ado, here are a few important answers to the question “what are renters rights?”

Security deposit and their refunds – what are renters rights? – Every state government will allow a landlord to collect a security deposit although most states will limit the amount that can be charged as security deposit to an equivalent of one or two months of rent. Tenancy law in all states will usually require the landlord to hold Continue reading

Commercial Renters Rights

Commercial Renters Rights – Summary of Rights Available to Commercial Renters

A commercial tenant is subject to laws that are quite different from residential tenants. Hence, commercial renters rights will also vary accordingly. To get a full understanding of all the commercial renters rights that are available in a certain state, one will probably have to spend a few hours to read through the state’s handbook on commercial renting law. However, the passage below will be able to provide readers with an easy to read summary on commercial renters rights. Commercial renters rights will also depend on the type of lease that is signed as a lot of the rights can be negotiated before the commercial tenant puts down their signature on the commercial lease agreement. So, the summary of commercial renters rights below is only a guide and one should consult an attorney to accurately analyze the terms of their lease to understand their rights fully.

Types of rights – commercial renters rights – As mentioned earlier, commercial tenants are subject to two types of rights. The first category is rights Continue reading

Renters Rights Lease

Renters Rights Lease

This article will go over the most important clauses that ideally need to be mentioned in a renters rights lease. A renters rights lease may be oral or written although some states mandate the requirement of a written lease. California is one such example where oral lease contracts are generally invalid. As just mentioned, here are the most common renters rights lease clauses that should be present on a lease. As a general rule of thumb, tenants are advised to get into written rental agreements if they want the maximum protection of their tenant rights.

The basics requirements- renters rights lease – The most basic requirements on a renters rights lease are the names of the landlord and the tenant, the address of the rental property, the rent amount, duration of the lease and the due date for the lease. If Continue reading

Renters Rights Mold

Renters Rights Mold – What Can Tenants Do When Their Apartment Has Mold?

Mold is a serious problem that can cause extensive damage to both buildings as well as the people living in it. If you are a tenant and happen to live in a rental property that is affected by mold, there are a set of renters rights mold options that you can use to tackle the problem. This article will go over a few of these renters rights mold problems in some detail. It is also important for one to read through the state handbook for tenant law to fully understand the renters rights mold issues that is applicable to their particular state as every state has slightly different renters rights mold guidelines.

Informing the landlord of mold – renters rights mold – One of the most important aspects to utilize renters rights mold options is to report a mold infestation as soon as possible. At the very first sign of mold, tenants will be well advised to take Continue reading

Renters Advocate

Renters Advocate – When You Might Need Them?

Most people who sign rental applications never read through the fine print of the agreement. There are some landlords out there who will create rental agreements that are biased in their favor. When there are disputes in these kinds of rental contracts, the tenant will often feel violated although there will not be much they can do. The landlord will just point to the rental agreement with their signature on it. This is where a renters advocate might become necessary as the renters advocate will often be able to find terms in the lease that are in violation of the state’s tenant laws. When the terms of a lease are not in compliance with the state tenant law, a renters advocate will be able to prove that the lease is invalid and might also be able to allow the tenant to walk away from the dispute without any liabilities.

Here are a few common situations where a renters advocate Continue reading

San Francisco Renters Rights

San Francisco Renters Rights – a Quick Overview of Tenant’s Rights in San Francisco

Tenants in the city of San Francisco are protected by both the San Francisco renters rights governed by the state as well as the local ordinances in place in the city. This article will briefly go over some of the important San Francisco renters rights that are governed by the state of California. For a more detailed list of San Francisco renters rights, one might have to go through the California landlord-tenant law handbook that might be available at libraries or state offices or at select online websites.

Increase in rent – San Francisco renters rights – San Francisco renters rights will allow a tenant to report any unreasonable increases in rent. An increase in rent is governed by the San Francisco rent board and they must approve any rent increases Continue reading