What Are My Renter’s Rights When It Comes to a Lease?

A Lease Protects Renters Rights

Any renter’s rights lease may be done orally or in writing. Ideally, for the protection of the tenant, it should always be in writing. This will give the tenant proof of what was agreed upon should there be any kind of dispute. Proving a case in court based on an oral agreement is possible, but it is often very difficult. Some states require that a lease always be arranged in writing. If your landlord is asking for an oral renters agreement, check with your state to see what the laws mandate. For example, in the state of California a renter’s rights lease that is done orally is considered invalid.

The fundamental requirements on a renter’s rights lease is the name of the landlord, the name of the tenant(s) and the address of the property which is being rented. The amount of rent which is being charged andLease Protects Renters Rights the due date for payment should also be included.

If a landlord is requiring a security deposit, the renter’s rights lease must include the amount of money that is being taken by the landlord as the deposit. Any landlord who is requiring a security deposit must conform to any state laws which govern how a deposit may be taken and how it must be held in trust on behalf of the tenant by the landlord. No renter’s rights lease should ever contain any clause which states that the security deposit in not refundable. This is illegal and landlords are prohibited from doing this.

In the same way that a landlord is not allowed to include clauses about security deposits, they are also prohibited from including clauses about evicting a tenant for non-payment of rent. In most states, any landlord who wishes to evict a tenant must always have just cause to do so. A tenant who is concerned about something like this, should ensure that his renter’s rights lease does not contain any clauses about eviction. No renter’s rights lease should ever contain any clauses which would allow a landlord to bypass a court-ordered eviction procedure in favor of locking the tenant out of his or her apartment. It is against the law for a landlord to lock a tenant out of his or her apartment.

All tenants should always read the repair clause of their lease very carefully because a landlord will often stipulate a procedure that a tenant must follow in order to request any repairs. It may list the amount of time a landlord can take before attending to repairs that have been requested by a tenant. Continue reading

San Francisco Renters Rights

Whatever city you decide to bid as your next home, be it San Francisco, New York or even Tampa, it is always a good idea to know your renters rights. Not knowing your renters rights would mean that you have no idea what the landlord can and can’t do or what they can charge for certain things. It is your money, and you don’t want to just throw it in the pocket of your landlord, so knowing your renters rights will stop you from doing so. In this particular example, we will be talking to all you future west coasters, who are looking to pack up and habituate in the city of San Francisco.  The San Francisco renters rights will be different from other cities, as every city has different rights, so wherever you have come from, it is better to check out the renters rights to be safe.

San Francisco renters rights are pretty accessible, so even if you are not as technologically savvy as some people, you can still get your hands on the documentation to teach you about your rights.  Your best option is to speak to a legal expert. Continue reading

Renters Right * A List of Important Renters Rights

A renters right list is actually a collection of rights that are automatically available to a tenant once they take up residence in an apartment by paying rent to a landlord or rental agency. There are federal, state as well as local city ordinances that will finalize a complete renters right list that is available to a tenant, depending on where they reside in the U.S. This article will try to broadly explain the typical renters right list that is available to tenants in all 50 states of the U.S.

Renters right to fair housing – renters right – One of the most basic renters right is one that makes them eligible to fair housing. This will mean that tenants cannot be discriminated against on any basis such as sex, color, country of origin, Continue reading

San Diego Renters Rights

San Diego Renters Rights

San Diego is the second largest city in the state of California and it is no surprise that San Diego has its own separate tenancy laws. This will mean that tenants in San Diego will have San Diego renters rights that are slightly different from the tenants in other cities in California or from the tenants in other states in the U.S. The following article will try to provide the reader with a quick summary on San Diego renters rights. More specifically, it will try to focus on San Diego renters rights that relate to rental agreements, eviction procedures, maintenance issues and privacy rights.

Rental agreements – San Diego renters rights – San Diego renters rights will allow a tenant to demand a written lease if the lease is going to run for a period that is longer than one year. Leases that run for less than a year can be oral agreements. Depending on whether or not the lease is a short term one or a long term one, San Diego renters rights will differ slightly, especially when it comes to notice periods. For example, Continue reading

Renters Rights Laws

Renters Rights Laws – A Brief Explanation on Common Tenancy Laws

For any rental agreement or lease contract, there are usually a number of state, federal and local renters rights laws that will oversee and regulate the contract. Though these renters rights laws vary from state to state and from local jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it would be safe to say that they are predominantly similar in principle, the principle being that all these renters rights laws were created with an intention to protect the rights and interests of both the tenants as well as the landlords. The passage below will go over a few of these renters rights laws.

Discrimination – renters rights laws – Discrimination is quite common in rental arrangements and landlords might appoint certain tenants in segregated quarters in a rental community although renters rights laws will strictly prohibit Continue reading

What Are Renters Rights?

What Are Renters Rights? – An Explanation of Common Tenancy Rights

Just as the title of this article promised, the passage below will try to answer the question “what are renters rights?” that are available to a tenant in the United States. Now, people must understand that the answer to the question “what are renters rights?” will vary slightly from state to state as every state in the U.S. has its own version of tenancy law. However, it would be safe to say that most of these state tenancy laws are quite similar in nature with only minor or inconsequential differences. Without much further ado, here are a few important answers to the question “what are renters rights?”

Security deposit and their refunds – what are renters rights? – Every state government will allow a landlord to collect a security deposit although most states will limit the amount that can be charged as security deposit to an equivalent of one or two months of rent. Tenancy law in all states will usually require the landlord to hold Continue reading

Tenants Rental Rights

Tenants Rental Rights

The following article will go over some very popular and commonly used tenants rental rights. These tenants rental rights will often help a tenant protect themselves from disputes in rental contracts as the law will clearly help them state their case and side with them if their tenants rental rights have been violated. So, without any further introduction, here is a list of commonly used tenants rental rights.

Eviction procedures – tenants rental rights – Ideally, an eviction is the last thing on the mind of a tenant or a landlord although it can definitely happen. The number one reason for evictions is nonpayment of rent and the current economy has seen many evictions carried out due to this reason. However, the law recognizes the fact that most people who are unable to pay rent are hardworking people who have just fallen on really hard times. In general, tenants rental rights will allow a tenant to stay back at a property for about 20-30 days even if they are unable to pay rent. During this time, Continue reading