Rights for Renters

This article will discuss some important rights for renters that are available to tenants across the United States of America. Renters have to understand that these rights for renters will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, often being influenced by tenancy law that is applicable in a certain state or city. Though there will be some variations in rights for renters across the nation, it would be fair to say that the rights for renters are quite uniform in terms of the principles they are based on. The article below will discuss a few of these important rights for renters.

Privacy – rights for renters – The rights for renters will allow a tenant or a renter to enjoy privacy in their rental living quarters. These privacy rights for renters will ensure that a tenant is eligible to receive notice from the landlord before the Continue reading

My Rights as a Renter

My Rights as a Renter – An Example of How Tenant Rights Can be Enforced

This article will go over some situations where you, the reader will be put in the shoes of the tenant who finds himself in the following hypothetical situations. It will allow you to realize what “my rights as a renter” are. Once you are able to understand “my rights as a renter”, you will be able to stand up for yourself and even possibly sue the landlord for breaching various rights of a tenant in a rental contract.

Landlord refuses to refund a security deposit – my rights as a renter – Let us assume that the landlord has vaguely told a tenant that his security deposit has been used up for repairs. Now, this tenant is you and the rest of the article will refer to that tenant as you, in the first person. So, you are now thinking, my rights as a renter have been abused and I deserve to get back my security deposit. So, this is how I will protect Continue reading

Rights as a Renter

Rights as a Renter – A List of Common Rights Available to a Tenant

A tenant who pays rent is often distressed by the fact that they do not own the apartment even though they make a sizeable payment every month. But, for tenants who are not in a position to purchase a home, they can at least take comfort in the fact that there are several rights as a renter that are available to them. These rights as a renter will allow them to live in a habitable environment, enjoy the apartment in peace, get back their security deposit in a timely manner and also be subject to a legal process if at all they ever face eviction proceedings. The passage below will quickly go over some of the rights as a renter that were just mentioned in a little more detail.

Right to live in a habitable environment – rights as a renter – One of the basic rights as a renter is to expect to live in rental premises that are habitable in nature. Different states have a different definitions of a habitable environment although all states will require heat, running water and a property that is free of pests as the bare Continue reading

South Dakota Rental Rights

South Dakota Rental Rights

South Dakota rental rights are governed by the state’s codified laws. These laws will address various issues such as security deposits, evictions, rights and responsibilities of the tenant and so on. One might find it difficult to read through the entire codified laws to fully understand all the South Dakota rental rights although this article will make things a little bit easier by giving a quick summary of the most common and most important South Dakota rental rights in effect today.

Security deposits – South Dakota rental rights – South Dakota rental rights regarding security deposit are very thorough and in favor of the tenant. For example, South Dakota rental rights will limit the maximum security deposit amount to the equivalent of one month’s rent. However, the landlord may charge a high security deposit if they deem that special circumstances require a higher security deposit to cover potential damages. The most common case of special circumstances is when a tenant has a pet. In this case, South Dakotasouth dakota rights for tenants and renters rental rights guidelines will allow a landlord to seek more than one month’s rent as security deposit. Also, South Dakota rental rights Continue reading

Vermont Rental Rights

Vermont Rental Rights

Vermont might be one of the smallest states in the U.S. although they do have an extensive set of Vermont rental rights that apply to both tenants and landlords. These Vermont rental rights were created with an intention to create an environment where both landlords and tenant are able to participate in a hassle free renting experience. The article below will quickly sum up some of the most important Vermont rental rights in effect today.

Lease agreements – Vermont rental rights – Both written and oral rental agreements are valid in the state of Vermont. A rental agreement or lease agreement should not contain any clause that restricts or violates Vermont rental rights as set forth by the state. However, the landlord has some flexibility in including some special rules in the lease agreement. For example, he has the right to deny tenancy Continue reading

Wyoming Rental Rights

Wyoming Rental Rights

All Wyoming rental rights are governed by the residential rental property code of the state. These laws will cover the rights and responsibilities of both the tenants and landlords who rent property in the state of Wyoming. If you happen to be a tenant in the state of Wyoming, you will be well advised to quickly read through some of the most important Wyoming rental rights mentioned below.

Duties of the landlords – Wyoming rental rights – Wyoming rental rights will allow the tenant to expect the landlord to carry out some basic duties. The rental property must have functioning heat, electricity as well as a working plumbing system. Apart from requiring that these basic amenities are present in a rental property, Wyoming rental rights will also require that repairs related to these basic amenities be carried out in a very prompt fashion by the landlords.

Duties of the tenant – Wyoming rental rights – As mentioned earlier, Wyoming rental rights guidelines were also created with an intention to protect the interests of the landlord as well. Tenants are expected to keep the property Continue reading

Mississippi Renters Rights

Mississippi Renters Rights

Tenants in Mississippi are protected by an extensive set of laws that are otherwise known as Mississippi Renters rights. While it might be difficult for the common man to read up on complex legal language that will be mentioned in law handbooks, one would find it quite easy to read through the passage below to understand the most important Mississippi Renters rights that are in effect today. It is important that a tenant or even a landlord brush up on these Mississippi Renters rights as it will help them understand their duties and responsibilities as a tenant or landlord well.

Repairs – Mississippi Renters rights – Mississippi Renters rights will allow a tenant to notify the landlord of a repair that is necessary in a property. It is advised that the tenant submits a written request as it will protect their Mississippi Renters rights in the event of a dispute. Once a tenant submits a written request, the landlord has 30 days to carry out the repairs. If the landlord does not carry out the repair in a timely fashion, the tenant may hire help to carry out the repair themselves. Mississippi Renters rights will also allow the tenant to recover this expense from the landlord who will be obligated to reimburse the expenses within a period of 45 days. If the landlord fails Continue reading