It Is Always Good For A Tenant To Know Some Tenant Law

A tenant who is residing in rental accommodation can not deny a landlord’s request to enter their dwelling provided that it was made twenty-four hours in advance and in writing. That being said, a landlord can not take advantage of this tenant law and abuse his or her right to enter a tenant’s dwelling with notice. A landlord is not permitted to enter a tenant’s dwelling with the purpose of harassing them. Unless it is a true emergency, a landlord can not enter a tenant’s dwelling without giving notice in advance of their intent to do so.

Landlord and tenant law requires that a landlord maintain these conditions through the terms of the lease agreement. A landlord is further obligated to provide habitable space for the tenant to rent. A tenant is responsible to maintain his or her dwelling in the condition in which it was rented. Continue reading

Tenant Responsibilities Most Important Responsibilities of a Tenant

A tenant in the United States of America usually has the protection of a wide number in the form of rights as provided by each of the state governments. These rights will protect them against abuse from landlords although the state tenancy laws will also hand out a list of renter responsibilities that will have to be met by the tenant. This article will go over a few of these very important tenant responsibilities that will hopefully allow a tenant to perform their duties in a rental contract, in a better fashion.

Timely rent payments – Tenant responsibility – This is the most basic responsibility of the tenant and the renter should do their best to pay their rent on time, to the authorized person who is mentioned on the lease document. While this is quite self explanatory, a renter has to understand that some states will allow the Continue reading

Tenant Protection Act

Also known as the uniform residential landlord and tenant act of 1972, the tenant protection act is in place to protect tenants from being taken advantage of, and being a bearer of illegal leasing terms. Every state has their own version of the tenant protection act, so you should always keep up to date with your states laws before you take any information from broad sources such as the internet. The best place to find out about the tenant protection act is at your local library, which should carry the right documentation. Another good way to keep up to date with the latest changes to the tenant protection act is to check out your states official government website. The official website should be the first website you visit while doing your research, as other websites may provide inaccurate or out of date information.

One aspect of the tenant protection act which tends to be universal is the right against unreasonable security deposits.  Most states and countries will let a landlord Continue reading

Washington State Tenant

Washington State Tenant – Tenancy Laws Applicable to Tenants in Washington State

This article will discuss some of the rights that are available to a Washington state tenant.  A Washington state tenant has to realize that the list of rights below is not the only rights that will be available to them. The rights below are simply discussed because they are the most important rights and a Washington state tenant can look up the chapter on tenancy law statues if they want to find a complete list of tenancy law and rights. Alternatively, a Washington state tenant may also hire the services of an attorney if they are not completely sure of their rights and are involved in any sort of legal battle with the landlord.

Types of lease – Washington state tenant – A Washington state tenant can enter into a lease through an oral contract or a written contract. The most popular type of tenancy that is availed by a Washington state tenant is one where the tenant agrees Continue reading

NYS Tenants Rights

NYS Tenants Rights

New York State tenant rights, referred to in this article as NYS tenants rights are a set of rights that are available to all tenants residing in New York State. These NYS tenants rights will cover everything from rent payments, types of leases, security deposit refunds, eviction procedures and several other clauses as well. Below, the reader will find a quick introduction to some very common NYS tenants rights that are available to a New York tenant currently.

Privacy laws and the right to quiet enjoyment – NYS tenants rights – NYS tenants rights will allow a tenant to enjoy the peace and calm of a rental property without being excessively disturbed by people around the rental property. Even if the landlord wants to enter a rental property, NYS tenants rights guidelines state that the landlord must provide “adequate or reasonable notice” before entering a rental property. Continue reading

Tenant Laws

Common Tenant Laws Explained

All 50 states in the U.S. have their own set of tenant laws that will protect the tenant and the landlord in a renting arrangement. The passage below will go over some of the most important aspects of those tenant laws. Apart from reading this passage, tenants are also encouraged to read up on their state’s handbook on tenant laws that will usually be available at state offices or libraries. There might even be some online resources that will go over the complete list of tenant laws that are applicable in a certain state, city or jurisdiction. Coming back to general tenant laws, here is a quick summary of some important ones as promised earlier.

Laws against discrimination – tenant laws – Tenant laws in the U.S. will protect both potential tenants as well as existing tenants against any form of discrimination. Racism and a discriminatory attitude is still present in America and it is not Continue reading

Tenant Act

Tenant Act – Does Your Lease Comply with the Tenant Act in Your State?

Every state in the U.S. has its own unique tenant act. In fact, even some cities will have their own tenant act and one should always check to see which jurisdiction dictates their rental contract. Although there can be many different versions of a tenant act in America, it can be said that they are overwhelmingly similar in terms of principle. Below, you will find the basic fundamentals of a tenant act which will apply to a lease in any part of the country. You should read through them and make sure that your lease is in compliance with the statues of the tenant act.

Discrimination – tenant act – A tenant act will clearly mention that landlords cannot discriminate against tenants living in a property. For example, it would be illegal for a landlord to terminate your lease if you brought in a person from Continue reading