Is There Any Such Thing As The Tenant Act?

Nearly everyone who lives in rental housing is familiar with something called the Landlord Tenant Act. Most might also wonder if there is anything called simply the Tenant Act. The general answer to that question is no. anything that could roughly be called the Tenant Act falls under the legislation of the Fair Housing Act. This legislation was enacted at the same time as the Civil Rights Act and was designed to protect both landlords and tenants from unscrupulous practices when in a rental housing situation.

The primary goals of the Fair Housing Act, sometimes also referred to as the Tenant Act are to protect people against discrimination in rental situations. Insofar as this is concerned, it really does become, then, a true Tenant Act because it clearly prohibits landlords from actively and willfully discriminating against any prospective tenant for a tenant actmany different reasons. They are prohibited from discriminating against someone based on religion, race, sex, sexual orientation and disability. The issue of prohibiting landlords from discriminating against people based on disabilities was seen as a huge step forward for persons with disabilities. The legislation covers a broad range of disabilities and states very clearly that it does not Continue reading

Tenants and Landlord Rights Security Deposit Laws

It has to be said that the security deposit clause is one of the most disputed items in a rental agreement or a lease contract. However, there are some very clear cut tenants and landlord rights to security deposits that should ideally allow both tenants and landlords to avoid disputes relating to security deposits. However, the fact is that several tenants and landlords are completely unaware of even these most basic tenants and landlord rightsTenants and Landlord Rights when it comes to security deposits. This article will be helpful for those tenants and landlords who want to read up on the basic tenants and landlord rights in relation to security deposits, security deposit refunds and permissible deductions to the security deposit refund.

General rules about security deposits – tenants and landlord rights – The tenants and landlord rights guidelines in all 50 states in the U.S will make it illegal for a landlord to collect a security deposit that is nonrefundable in nature. If a rental agreement or a lease contract has a clause seeking a non refundable security deposit, it will automatically be invalid in a court of law as it has violated the tenants and landlord rights guidelines Continue reading

Tenant and Landlord

Common Tenant and Landlord Issues and Disputes

It is not uncommon for some rental contracts to end up in court as a tenant and landlord might simply not be able to get along well. In a lot of these cases where the tenant and landlord lock horns with each other, the dispute is often brought about by a lack of knowledge of some basic tenant laws. This article will try to quickly go over those tenant laws that will hopefully allow a tenant and landlord to get along peacefully and enjoy the benefits of a renting contract. The following examples are the most common disputes that will involve a tenant and landlord and readers will be able to get an understanding about how such conflicts can be avoided.

Security deposit refunds – tenant and landlord issues – According to tenancy law in all 50 states in the U.S., a security deposit is always refundable. If a lease mentions that the security deposit is non refundable, the lease is invalid and null according Continue reading