Tenant’s Bill Of Rights Does Exist

Every person who rents any kind rental accommodation is entitled to certain rights under the law. They are not very stringent but every single landlord who rents an apartment or a house to any kind of tenant is obligated by law to adhere to them. Tenants who feel that their rights have been compromised in any way are entitled to file a formal complaint with the city department that oversees tenants rights in the city in which they live.

The basic tenant’s bill of rights includes eleven different items. Every person who enters into any type of lease agreement with a landlord is entitled to each and every one of these and these rights are mandated by law.

The first in the list of the tenant’s bill of rights is that each tenant is entitled to have hot water in their kitchen and bathroom twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year.

They are entitled to heat from October 1st until May 31st each year and this heat must be at a minimum of 68º starting at 6:00 a.m. and going until 10:000 p.m.  Tenants are guaranteed the right to have their units heated to at least 55º when the temperature outside drops to below 40º from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. the next day.

The tenant’s bill of rights also stipulates that all tenants are entitled to have repairs made to things in their units that have broken through normal wear an tear.

They are entitled to have their apartment exterminated on a regular basis if the apartment is infested with bugs or vermin of any type.

All tenants are entitled to live in apartments that are free of mildew and mold. They are entitled to live in an apartment where the windows open and close properly. They are entitled to have their apartment freshly painted every three years.

They are tenants bill of rightsentitled to ask the landlord about where their security deposit is being stored and to know the address of the bank. The landlord is required by law to provide this information to a tenant.

Every tenant is given the right to join and participate in a tenant’s association. This tenant’s association is permitted to meet in the building’s lobby without charge by the landlord. Continue reading

Tenants Rights NYC

New York City or the big apple is home to some of the loftiest rental rates in the whole world. When people have to pay an arm and a leg to live in a decent rental property in NYC, they should be well aware of their tenants rights in NYC. Having a good working knowledge of tenants rights in NYC will allow tenants to get their money’s worth, especially when they fork over a ridiculously high rent at the start of every month. This article will introduce the reader to a few of those tenants rights in NYC.

Warranty of habitability – tenants rights in NYC – Tenants rights in NYC will allow tenants to expect the landlord to maintain certain conditions of habitability, in both the common areas and the individual rental units of a rental community. If the landlord fails to properly maintain a rental property, tenants rights in NYC will allow Continue reading

Tenants Bill of Rights

Many tenants underestimate the amount of rights they have when they rent an apartment. Since they do not own the property, they think that they have to conform to the ways and wishes of the landlord. However, the tenants bill of rights will ensure that a tenant has a wide set of rights that will protect their interests in a renting arrangement. This article will go over a few of the clauses that are mentioned in a tenants bill of rights. A tenants bill of rights is made available by federal, state as well as local government entities and the rights available to a tenant will usually vary from state to state or even from city to city although the differences in rights across the nation are only minor in nature.

Rental application process – tenants bill of rights – The tenants bill of rights has a wide set of laws in place to curb any practices of discrimination by the landlord. The tenants bill of rights also has laws relating to the rental application process. For example, the tenants bill of rights in a particular state will mention that a landlord Continue reading

Tenant Disputes – Common Tenant Disputes Explained

Almost every tenant will come into some sort of disagreement or conflict with their landlord at some point in their lives, especially if they are tenants for several years. This article will discuss a few of those common tenant disputes. Tenants can use the passage on tenant disputes below to understand what they have to do if these tenant disputes pop up in their own renting situations. When approached properly, most tenant disputes can easily be settled without having to get into heated arguments or without having to go through a lengthy, drawn out battle in small claims court.

Repairs – tenant disputes- Tenant disputes almost always seem to revolve around the issue of repairs. When it comes to tenant disputes about repairs, it is usually the tenant who begins the dispute by complaining that the landlord has not carried out repairs. In these tenant disputes, the tenant might start withholding rent while some tenants Continue reading