Tenant Rights CA * Important Tenancy Rights Available to California Tenants

This page is dedicated to a quick summary on tenant rights in CA. California has a population that will soon touch 40 million. A sizeable chunk of this 40 million live in rental premises and it is very important for tenants in California to be aware of their tenant rights in CA. Most disputes and problems with landlords or rental agencies can be avoided if the tenants in CA had a better understanding of their tenant rights in CA. As the old saying goes “prevention is always better than cure” and we hope that this article will help tenants understand at least the most important tenant rights in CA.


Safe harbor – tenant rights in CA – The safe harbor clause will provide two types of tenant rights in CA. One group of rights relate to the tenant’s eligibility to receive a habitable rental premise while the other group of tenant rights in CA will allow a tenant to enjoy a rental property in a private and safe setting that is free of intrusions and disturbances. A habitable apartment is one that will have to meet all the Continue reading