Tenant Rights Laws

The state and federal governments in the U.S. have come out with an extensive set of tenant rights laws that are continually revised from time to time. The reader has to understand that the following tenant rights laws might have been slightly modified from the time this article was written although it would be fair to say that a vast majority of tenant rights laws have stayed the same over a rather long period of time. Another point to note for the reader is that tenant rights laws will vary, sometimes only very slightly, from state to state and that one should read through a particular state’s tenant rights laws to find out the exact laws that are applicable in their state. This website has a resource page on tenant rights laws that is applicable in each one of the 50 states in the U.S. and readers are encouraged to find relevant information on those pages if they choose to.

Prepayment – tenant rights laws – Prepayment is nothing but the amount of money that can legally be collected by a landlord at the start of a rental contract. Generally, tenant rights laws will only allow a landlord to collect the first month’s rent and a Continue reading

NY Tenant Rights

NY Tenant Rights

This article will list some of the NY tenant rights that are effective in the state of New York today. Renters or tenants in New York State have some NY tenant rights that one will not find in other states. This article will talk about some of those NY tenant rights that are unique only to the state of New York.

Interest on the security deposit refund – NY tenant rights – If a landlord has more than 6 rental units in their portfolio, NY tenant rights guidelines will require the landlord to deposit the security deposit amount in an interest bearing account. Upon termination of the lease, NY tenant rights will allow a tenant to seek a refund of the security deposit with the interest earned on the security deposit although Continue reading

Arizona Tenant Rights

Arizona Tenant Rights

This article will quickly go over some significant Arizona tenant rights. Every state, like Arizona, has its own tenancy laws and tenants will thus be subject to different tenant rights in each state. However, it can be said that Arizona tenant rights and the rights of a tenant in another state will generally be the same as the usual differences are rather negligible in nature. Without much further ado, here are the details on some important Arizona tenant rights.

Rights against discrimination – Arizona tenant rights –The only form of discrimination that is allowed is when landlords can refuse tenants with children as long as the rental property is strictly an adult’s community. Otherwise, Arizona tenant rights will protect tenants against discrimination on the basis of age, sex, weight, race, color, immigration status and so on. It can be said that Arizona tenant rights are Continue reading

Ohio Tenant Rights

Ohio Tenant Rights – An Overview of Tenancy Rights in Ohio

Just like how homeowners are protected with various rights issued by Ohio State, tenants in Ohio are also subject to protection from the state government through the number of Ohio tenant rights that are available to them. The article below will quickly talk about the important Ohio tenant rights that are in effect in Ohio today. For a full or comprehensive list of Ohio tenant rights, one might have to read through the state’s statutes that will usually contain a whole chapter that is related to tenancy laws.

Privacy rights – Ohio tenant rights – A landlord can typically enter a rental property to carry out repairs or to perform an inspection. The landlord may also enter the apartment to show potential clients the rental property although this will have to be mentioned as a clause in a rental contract. Regardless of the reason to enter Continue reading

Commercial Tenants Rights

Commercial Tenants Rights – An Overview of Tenancy Rights for Commercial Customers

Commercial leases are quite different from residential leases and commercial tenants rights will thus vary from the rights of a residential tenant. It is advised that commercial tenants enlist the services of an attorney to go over their lease before they enter into a rental agreement. This article will be able to provide commercial tenants with basic information about commercial tenants rights. If a commercial tenant experiences any form of violation of the following commercial tenants rights, they will have the ability to sue the landlord in a civil lawsuit and protect themselves and their businesses in the process.

Lease agreement – commercial tenants rights – While residential leases may be oral or rather vague in nature, a commercial tenant’s lease will have to clearly mention various details such as the rent amount, details about repairs and maintenance Continue reading

Texas Tenant Rights

Texas Tenant Rights – An Overview of the Most Important Texas Tenant Rights

Texas is one of the largest states in the U.S and it is home to a very large tenant population. However, the sad truth is that a vast majority of the tenant population is quite unaware of most of the Texas tenant rights. This article will hopefully help to correct that situation in a small way as it will quickly summarize the most important Texas rental rights that are applicable in the state of Texas. If one cannot find the Texas rental rights that they were looking for by reading through this article, they are advised to read up on chapter 92 of the Texas property code as it will have a complete and more detailed list of Texas rental rights.

Security deposits – Texas rental rights – In order to ensure that a tenant gets back their security deposit, it is advised that they read through their rental agreement in great detail as some landlords try to make the security deposit non refundable in their lease agreement. Not only should a security deposit be refundable, it will also need to be refunded back to the tenant within a period of 90 days after the tenant has left the premises of a rental property. Texas rental rights will allow a tenant Continue reading