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As A Renter, You Have Rights!

Tenant Rights Laws

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The state and federal governments in the U.S. have come out with an extensive set of tenant rights laws that are continually revised from time to time. The reader has to understand that the following tenant rights laws might have been slightly modified from the time this article was written although it would be fair to say that a vast majority of tenant rights laws have stayed the same over a rather long period of time. Another point to note for the reader is that tenant rights laws will vary, sometimes only very slightly, from state to state and that one should read through a particular state’s tenant rights laws to find out the exact laws that are applicable in their state. This website has a resource page on tenant rights laws that is applicable in each one of the 50 states in the U.S. and readers are encouraged to find relevant information on those pages if they choose to.

Prepayment – tenant rights laws – Prepayment is nothing but the amount of money that can legally be collected by a landlord at the start of a rental contract. Generally, tenant rights laws will only allow a landlord to collect the first month’s rent and a

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Tenants Laws

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Tenants Laws – Rights and Responsibilities of a Tenant

Generally, tenants laws will provide rights to a tenant to protect them in a rental arrangement. At the same time, tenants laws will also establish certain responsibilities for the tenant. This article will discuss both aspects of tenants laws and will also briefly touch upon how any disputes arising in rental arrangements will usually be settled with tenants laws.

Rights of a tenant – tenants laws – As mentioned earlier, tenants laws will provide a number of protected rights to a tenant. For example, tenants will have the right to a property that is habitable at all times. Tenants laws will also protect tenants against any sort of discrimination that might be attempted by landlords during the

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Tenants Rights Texas

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Tenants Rights Texas

This article will quickly go over some important tenants rights in Texas. Under tenancy law in the state of Texas, tenants are protected with tenants rights that will cover various aspects of a renting arrangement such as security deposit, repairs, habitability, privacy, eviction procedures and so on. The passage below will go over a few of these tenants rights in Texas.

The right to a quiet enjoyment – tenants rights Texas – Tenants rights in Texas will allow tenants to only pay rent for a property that is free of any kind of disturbance, from neighbors or other tenants. This right is usually referred to as the right to quiet enjoyment. Tenants rights in Texas will also need to allow a tenant to live in a rental property that has an uninterrupted supply of utilities as frequent problems

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Tenants Rights

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Tenants Rights in Regards to Privacy, Evictions and Habitability

There are several tenants rights that come into play in a rental arrangement. This article will discuss tenants rights in regards to privacy, habitability and the eviction process as a lot of rental disputes concern these three issues. Now, let us get into some more detail about these specific tenants rights.

Privacy and quiet enjoyment – tenants rights – One of the most basic tenants rights is that tenants should be able to enjoy a rental property without being disturbed by other neighbors or the landlord themselves. The rental property should be free of disturbing noises, odors or any other form of distraction that might affect the peace and quiet of the tenant. Also, tenants rights will protect the tenants against intrusions from the landlord. A landlord cannot simply enter a rental property to check up on tenants. They

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Commercial Tenants Rights

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Commercial Tenants Rights – An Overview of Tenancy Rights for Commercial Customers

Commercial leases are quite different from residential leases and commercial tenants rights will thus vary from the rights of a residential tenant. It is advised that commercial tenants enlist the services of an attorney to go over their lease before they enter into a rental agreement. This article will be able to provide commercial tenants with basic information about commercial tenants rights. If a commercial tenant experiences any form of violation of the following commercial tenants rights, they will have the ability to sue the landlord in a civil lawsuit and protect themselves and their businesses in the process.

Lease agreement – commercial tenants rights – While residential leases may be oral or rather vague in nature, a commercial tenant’s lease will have to clearly mention various details such as the rent amount, details about repairs and maintenance

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Wisconsin Tenant Rights

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Wisconsin Tenant Rights – A Summary of Tenant Rights in Wisconsin State

One will usually be able to thoroughly read up on Wisconsin tenant rights by reading chapter 704 of the state’s statutes although it is quite unnecessary for a common tenant to be aware of all the statutes of tenancy law in Wisconsin. The article below will quickly summarize the most significant Wisconsin tenant rights as laid out by chapter 704 in the state’s statues. Being aware of these Wisconsin tenant rights will allow tenants to protect themselves in their rental situation as they will quickly be able to spot a violation of their tenant rights when it does happen.

Right to information about the rental property – Wisconsin tenant rights – According to Wisconsin tenant rights guidelines, it is the responsibility of the landlord to disclose information pertaining to housing code violations, problems with the construction and the presence of hazardous materials and so on. Additionally, Wisconsin tenant rights

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