Tenant Assistance

Tenant Assistance against Eviction Procedures

Tenant assistance is often sought when a tenant is facing an impending eviction. An eviction can be brought about for various reasons such as nonpayment of rent, violation of certain terms in lease and some other factors. It is very important that renters seek tenant assistance to stop the eviction process as an eviction is a public record. What that means is that it will stay on the record of a tenant who will find it very difficult to find a new apartment to live in. Landlords often deny apartments to tenants who have had an eviction in their record. Here are a few points about tenant assistance in regards to eviction procedures.

The first notice to quit is not an eviction notice – tenant assistance – Tenants must understand that they will first receive a notice of eviction that is otherwise called a notice to quit from the landlord. This is essential in most of the states and it is not a final eviction order. It merely serves as a notice saying that the landlord is going Continue reading

Tenant Right

Tenant Right

Whether a tenant lives in New York, Minnesota, Florida, Oregon, California or even Alaska, they are always covered by the respective state’s tenant laws that will usually provide a comprehensive tenant right list. One will usually have to read through the state website’s tenant right laws in great detail if they want to know about every right available to them although the article below will come up with a quick and easy to understand tenant right list that is applicable in almost any state. Though these are generally applicable to any tenant in the U.S, one must understand that every state in the U.S. has its own landlord-tenant law that might have some slight variations or differences from the clauses mentioned below.

Rent control – tenant right – Some states or cities will have rent control. Rent control is when the landlord will have to seek approval from a government authorized approval body when they want to increase their rent. Thus, when a tenant lives in a Continue reading

San Francisco Tenant Rights

San Francisco Tenant Rights

Tenants residing in San Francisco are entitled to a number of San Francisco tenant rights that are meant to protect the interests of the tenants against abusive or neglectful landlords. The article below will quickly go over the most important San Francisco tenant rights that are in effect in San Francisco, California today.

Rent control – San Francisco tenant rights – San Francisco tenant rights will generally protect a tenant against unreasonable increases in rent. This is because a landlord will first have to get their rent increase approved by the San Francisco rent board. The San Francisco rent board will only approve rent increases when the increase in rent relates to an increase in inflation or cost of living. It will also approve a rent Continue reading

Tenant Rights Security Deposit

Tenant Rights Security Deposit

When a tenant leases or rents an apartment or other types of rental property, they will often be required to pay a tenant rights security deposit amount to the landlord. This amount is a form of assurance for the landlord who will be able to hold back or deduct the amount for any repair expenses that might be caused by the tenant while they stay at the apartment. Also, tenant rights security deposit amounts can be used to pay off back rent as well.

Many tenants around the country are often unaware of the various tenant rights security deposit clauses that are applicable in a rental contract. The following paragraphs will get into some detail about theses different clauses.

How much security deposit can be collected? – tenant rights security deposit – In most states, a maximum of one month can be collected as tenant rights security deposit by the landlord although there are some states that will allow a landlord to collect a tenant rights security deposit that is equal to two months of rent. If the Continue reading

Chicago Tenant Rights

Chicago Tenant Rights – Tenant Rights in the Windy City

If you are a tenant in Chicago, otherwise popularly known as the windy city, it might help your cause a little to read up on the various Chicago tenant rights that are effective in the city. Knowing about the most important Chicago tenant rights will help a tenant inform themselves about their various rights and responsibilities as a tenant. The passage below will quickly summarize some of the most important Chicago tenant rights.

Increases in rent – Chicago tenant rights – Some states have a system of rent control where an increase in rent will first have to be approved by the governing rent board. However, Chicago does not have any such system. Thus, Chicago tenant rights guidelines will allow a landlord to increase the rent to any amount they want as long as they do not do it in the middle of a lease period. It can be said that Chicago Continue reading

Tenants Union

Tenants Union – An Introduction on How to Form a Tenants Union

Some landlords can be notorious for repeatedly ignoring the pleas and complaints of the entire tenant population at a rental property or community. While individual problems in the landlord tenant relationship can be addressed with legal lawsuits, it might be a good idea for tenants to form what is called a tenants union to voice the concerns of the entire rental population at a certain rental community. Forming a union will usually prompt very quick action or remedial measures from the landlord who will be very intimidated by the gathering of tenants as a group. This article will quickly give out some tips on how to form an efficient tenants union.

Organize a meeting – Forming a tenants union – The first step in the creation of a tenants union is the organization of a meeting. One can do this by knocking on the doors of the various tenants and then informing them about a meeting or by sending flyers about a meeting to create a tenants union.

Discussing the problems – Forming a tenants union – The second crucial step is to make everyone realize the necessity to create a tenants union. There will always be some tenants who will be reluctant to join a tenants union. Try to convince members Continue reading