Tenants Union

Tenants Union – An Introduction on How to Form a Tenants Union

Some landlords can be notorious for repeatedly ignoring the pleas and complaints of the entire tenant population at a rental property or community. While individual problems in the landlord tenant relationship can be addressed with legal lawsuits, it might be a good idea for tenants to form what is called a tenants union to voice the concerns of the entire rental population at a certain rental community. Forming a union will usually prompt very quick action or remedial measures from the landlord who will be very intimidated by the gathering of tenants as a group. This article will quickly give out some tips on how to form an efficient tenants union.

Organize a meeting – Forming a tenants union – The first step in the creation of a tenants union is the organization of a meeting. One can do this by knocking on the doors of the various tenants and then informing them about a meeting or by sending flyers about a meeting to create a tenants union.

Discussing the problems – Forming a tenants union – The second crucial step is to make everyone realize the necessity to create a tenants union. There will always be some tenants who will be reluctant to join a tenants union. Try to convince members Continue reading