Idaho Rental Rights

Idaho Rental Rights

If you happen to reside as a tenant in the state of Idaho, you will be well advised to brush up on the various Idaho rental rights in order to fully understand your legal obligations and rights surrounding a rental or lease agreement. This article will hopefully provide you with a brief but informative narration of the most important Idaho rental rights.

Lease agreements – Idaho rental rights – For a tenant to make sure that their Idaho rental rights will be protected, it is best that they sign a written lease document that will cover various aspects of a lease. Here are some of the most important factors or Idaho rental rights that will have to be discussed in an ideal lease or rental agreement. Terms of the lease such as length, monthly payment, late fees, eviction grounds, maintenance responsibilities, inspection rights, security deposit clauses and a few other factors are the most important aspects that should be covered in a good rental agreement that will protect Idaho rental rights for the party that will be renting a property.

Security deposits – Idaho rental rights – Security deposit is often one area that brings about great conflict between the landlord and tenant. Idaho rental rights will allow a tenant to seek a full refund of a security deposit within 21 days of vacating a property, assuming that due notice has been given. This period can be extended to 30 days if the landlord is able to get an extension or permission from the tenant. Idaho rental rights will protect the tenant The rights of rentersagainst unfair withholding of security deposit. For example, Idaho rental rights dictate that the landlord cannot deduct or hold back security deposit to cover expenses related to normal wear and tear.

So, if a tenant lived in an apartment where the paint or carpets faded, it would be illegal for the landlord to deduct the security deposit to pay for new painting or new carpets. However, the landlord is free to hold back the security deposit for damages such as burnt carpet or broken tiles although Idaho rental rights will still require that the landlord provide a detailed, itemized bill that will list all the expenses that are deducted from the security deposit amount. One must also know that Idaho rental rights guidelines prohibit landlords from charging a deposit that is non refundable. Thus, landlords cannot charge deposits like pet deposits on a non refundable basis.

Grounds for eviction – Idaho rental rights – Tenants sometimes fall upon hard times and are unable to pay rent. Idaho rental rights will provide some amount of cushioning to tenants who are facing eviction. For example, Idaho rental rights will allow a period of 20 days in which the tenant can contest an eviction notice that has been served to him or her. Idaho rental rights will also allow the tenant to recover legal and attorney costs if he or she is able to win their eviction case against the landlord. However, Idaho rental rights guidelines will also allow the landlord to recover the legal costs and attorney fees from the tenant if the tenant loses the eviction case.

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