Illinois Tenant Rights

Illinois is a beautiful state, and by boasting great cities such as Chicago, it is no wonder that it is the home to close to 13 million people. Every year, thousands and thousands of tenants set their eyes on properties all over Illinois, but not all of them know the Illinois tenant rights. Knowing your rights will keep your altercations with your landlord at a minimum, making your tenancy experience more pleasurable. The Illinois tenant rights are regulated in the landlord and tenant act, and below we will look at some of the most important ones:

The security deposit is very important when deciding to rent a property. Knowing your states’ rights will help you know if your landlord is taking advantage of you in terms of your deposit. The Illinois tenant rights state the security depositmust be given back in full within 45 days, but if any reductions are to be taken from it, they landlord must contact the tenant within 30 days, stating the reasons for doing so. If deductions are to be taken from the deposit, the remaining deposit must be paid back within 30 days after the deductions are made. If a tenant feels that the deductions should not have been made and they want to open a claim, they can seek advice from their local council.

Another important right which should be taken seriously is the tenants’ rights to utilities. If the lease states that the utilities are the landlord’s responsibility, and they cut any of them off, then the tenant has a case. Also, if the landlord places any financial burden on you for the utilities, then once again, the tenant has a claim. If the landlord is responsible, then to comply with the Illinois tenant rights act, they must take full responsibility upon themselves.

The 2 Illinois tenant rights mentioned above are just a tiny percentage of the full amount, there are hundreds, so be sure to check them all out if you are hoping to habituate in Illinois. Most of the time, a landlord will be reasonable and will be thankful for the tenants custom, but if a tenant finds a landlord who doesn’t then they should not be scared to report them if they do indeed breach any of their rights.


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