Illinois Tenant Rights

Illinois Tenant Rights

Tenants residing in the state of Illinois have to be aware that Illinois State has its own version of tenancy laws that will dictate the rights and responsibilities of both the tenants and the landlords. Illinois tenant rights will differ slightly from other state laws. Tenants in Illinois, especially tenants who have moved in from other states will be well advised to read up on the following summary on Illinois tenant rights. As just mentioned, here is a quick write up on Illinois tenant rights that will be most useful for tenants to know.

Security deposits – Illinois tenant rights – If there are no deductions made to the security deposit, the landlord will have the obligation to refund it within a period of 45 days after the end of a lease. If deductions for repairs are being made to the security deposit, Illinois tenant rights will allow the tenant to receive a written explanation of the various deductions. Such explanations will have to be provided within a period of 30 days. Also, Illinois tenant rights will protect tenants from seeing their security deposit deducted to carry out maintenance expenditures, which are not allowed according to Illinois tenant rights guidelines. The landlord may only deduct the security deposit to pay for repairs that were directly caused by the tenant’s actions and not by routine wear and tear.


Repairs – Illinois tenant rights – Illinois tenant rights in regards to repairs will depend on the type of repairs that are needed in an apartment. If the repairs are essential to keep the apartment in a habitable condition, Illinois tenant rights will allow the tenant to demand a speedy repair. An example of such a repair would be a problem with the heating system or a problem with the plumbing system. Illinois tenant rights will require a tenant to inform the landlord about the need for repairs in writing. Illinois tenant rights guidelines will then require the tenant to wait at least 14 days to receive a response from the landlord. If the landlord has not responded within 14 days, Illinois tenant rights will allow the tenant to withhold rent payments. Another option that tenants will have is that they can carry out the repairs themselves. Illinois tenant rights will then allow the tenant to be reimbursed by the landlord.

Utilities – Illinois tenant rights – According to Illinois tenant law, landlords in Illinois have to bear the cost of certain utilities. It would be an abuse of Illinois tenant rights if landlords try to impose or transfer these costs of utilities to the tenant. Landlords can however make the tenants bear the cost of certain utilities after they have provided a reasonable amount of notice to the tenants, informing them about the change.

Lease types – Illinois tenant rights – Illinois tenancy law does not mandate a lease to be in writing although tenants have to understand that oral leases usually offer them very little protection for their tenant rights. A lease can be a weekly lease, a monthly lease or a lease for a fixed period of time. Rent can be increased for a weekly lease by providing one week’s notice while one month’s notice will be required for a rent increase in a monthly lease. For fixed lease periods, the rent may not be increased until the end of the lease period and can also be increased only after providing due notice

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