Indiana Rental Rights

If you happen to reside as a tenant in the state of Indiana, you might want to read up on your lease agreement or rental agreement to fully understand your rights and obligations. Doing this will allow you to get a full understanding of your Indiana rental rights and help you in situations where you might have to deal with problems with the landlord or the maintenance of your rental property. This article will quickly go over the most important Indiana rental rights that are usually researched by tenants living in Indiana.

Right to a habitable environment – Indiana rental rights demand that a tenant is provided with a property that complies with the Indiana building and construction code. It should be a safe and healthy or habitable environment that should provide running water and access to utilities like heat and electricity, working toilets and even functioning windows. If a tenant finds any of the above amenities absent in their rented property, Indiana rental rights will allow a tenant to vacate the premises or break the lease without any contractual obligations.

Privacy – Indiana rental rights will allow a tenant to experience what is called the right to quiet enjoyment. This will mean that there should be no excessive noise, odors or other annoyances in the immediate surroundings of a rented property. Indiana rental rights guidelines also lay down rules that the landlord can enter a rented property only after giving sufficient notice in writing about an entry. A landlord may only enter a rented property for an inspection or to check on repair works and must do so only at reasonable hours that do not affect the peace of the tenant living in the apartment or other property. Indiana rental rights will however not prevent the landlord from entering a rental property at any time during an emergency, where no written notice is required.

Right to recover legal costs – If a landlord does not fix a problem in a reasonable amount of time, the tenant has the right to hire professional help to carry out the work on their own. Indiana rental rights will then allow the tenant to recover the costs from the landlord. If the landlord refuses to pay for such expenses, the tenant can sue the landlord and Indiana rental rights will also allow them to recover legal costs such as attorney fees when they take the landlord to court.

Security deposit – Indiana rental rights will allow a tenant to seek a full refund of their security deposit within a period of 45 days after vacating a property as long as they have left the apartment in a good condition. If there were any damages caused by the tenants, the landlord has the right to withhold or deduct the security deposit to pay for repair or restoration expenses. Indiana rental rights will however prevent the landlord from deducting security deposit amounts to pay for damages caused by normal wear and tear. So, Indiana rental rights will be violated if a landlord decides to deduct the security deposit amount to pay for the replacement of a faded carpet that is considered a wear and tear repair expense.

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  1. My tenant informed me that she had bats in the attic.I took care of the problem immediately,however,the tenant informed me that she would be paying less rent then was due because of the problem and that she felt that she had to live someplace else while the problem was solved.I called the exterminator,who is certified by the state, to check the area AGAIN in order to assure her that there had not been or never were enough of the critters to leave noticable guano residue.He said that everything had been done corectly and that there was never any danger whatsoever. I rely on my rents to suppliment my income;$365 is more than my budget can tolerate.This besides the $500 the exterminator cost. My recourse? Oh,she also reported me to some code violation agency and threatened me with legal action. My properties are in fine condition,even if I must eat banana’s or mac & cheese for a while to keep them in good condition. Just saying….JD

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