Iowa Renters Rights

Iowa Renters Rights

Laws surrounding Iowa rental rights can be a little complex to understand as the actual legal handbook is quite a long and a very difficult read. However, for those who are looking for a quick summary of Iowa rental rights, this article will be able to provide some good brief information exactly on that particular topic. Without much further ado, here are the most important Iowa rental rights.

Leases – Iowa renters rights – A landlord does not have to come up with a written lease before renting a property and a verbal agreement will be sufficient. However, tenants are advised to insist on a written lease if they want to be eligible for Iowa rental rights that are discussed further below in this article.

Security deposit – Iowa renters rights – A landlord is permitted to collect a security deposit from clients although the amount of the security deposit cannot exceed the equivalent of two month’s rent. The landlord will have to deposit this amount in a separate bank account that is different from personal and business accounts and Iowa rental rights will allow the tenant to be informed about this particular bank account. Iowa rental rights will allow the tenant to claim a full refund of the security deposit within 30 days of vacating the premises of the rented property. The landlord may deduct or withhold the refund of the security deposit if the tenant has left the apartment in a damaged condition although Iowa rental rights will oblige the landlord to provide a written notice that will explain the various expenses that are deducted from the security deposit amount.

Duties of the tenant and landlord – Iowa renters rights – The landlord will be obliged to provide the tenant with a safe and habitable property to live in. The property should include basic amenities such as running water, both hot and cold, working toilets, heating and electricity. Iowa rental rights will also allow a tenant to experience quiet enjoyment which will mean that the landlord will be responsible for providing an environment that is quiet and free of annoyances. Iowa rental rights will also protect the privacy of the tenants in such a way that a landlord will have to provide a written notice before they inspect or enter a rented property. The requirement of providing a notice however does not apply in the case of an emergency where a landlord is free to enter an apartment at will.

Modifications – Iowa renters rights – Iowa rental rights are quite limited when it comes to modifications that can be made to a property. A property may only be modified if the tenant is handicapped or disabled in some manner. For example, it is all right for the tenant to install grab rails in the bathroom shower while any other form of cosmetic redecoration will be in violation of the rental agreement.

Discrimination – Iowa renters rights – Just like all the other states in the U.S.A., Iowa rental rights will protect a tenant against any form of discrimination. It is illegal for a landlord to deny rent or charge higher rent for a certain set of people who are discriminated on the basis of sex, gender, race, creed or country of origin.

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