LA Renters Rights

LA Renters Rights

According to a census conducted in 2008, there were more than 4 million tenants living in Los Angeles or LA, California. It is also estimated that more than 60% of the residential properties in LA are occupied by rent paying tenants. Thus, it is very important for tenants in LA to be aware of their LA renters rights as there are many cases of abuse by the landlords. Tenancy laws in California and tenancy laws applicable to the LA jurisdiction offer a wide range of LA renters rights, some of which are discussed below. However, LA tenants must understand that the LA renters rights mentioned below are not the only rights that are available to them. It would be very difficult for an article of this size to list all the LA renters rights and a tenant is recommended to seek the services of an attorney, especially if they are looking for information with which they La Renters Rightswant to defend their LA renters rights.

Increases in rent – LA renters rights – LA renters rights will allow a tenant to receive 30 days of notice before a rent is increased, as long as the rent increase is not more than 10% of the periodic rent. If the rent increase exceeds an amount that is more than 10% of the periodic rent, landlords will have to provide a 60 day notice before the rent can be increased. Also, LA renters rights guidelines suggest that a rent can be increased during the middle of a tenancy only if the mutually agreed upon lease has a clause that allows for such an increase. Also, the lease will have to be in compliance with state tenancy laws when it comes to the clause about increase in rent.

Eviction and filing of an unlawful detainer – LA renters rights – If a tenant is unable to pay rent or if a tenant has broken the terms of a lease, the LA renters rights will only allow the tenant to receive a three day notice period before the landlord files an unlawful detainer lawsuit in court. An unlawful detainer lawsuit is actually a criminal proceeding in court which will mean that the court will usually fast track an eviction case. Even with the fast track process, LA renters rights will usually give the tenant about 20 days of time before they are required to appear in front of a judge. Once an unlawful detainer case is filed, a tenant’s LA renters rights are at the mercy of the judge who will make a ruling on the eviction case based on the evidence that is presented to him or her. Generally, tenants will have a very difficult time defending their LA renters rights if they do not have the professional assistance of attorneys.

Security deposits – LA renters rights – LA renters rights will allow a tenant to seek a security deposit refund within 21 days after the end of a lease or after a lease has been mutually cancelled by the landlord and the tenant. A landlord is permitted to make deductions to the security deposit although LA renters rights will allow a tenant to seek an itemized bill of the deductions if the total deductions exceed $126. LA renters rights will then allow a tenant to dispute these deductions if they are suspicious or unreasonable in nature.

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