Landlord Tenants Laws in California

There are several provisions in landlord tenant laws CA that will cover various issues in a rental contract such as late payments, eviction proceedings, security deposit refunds, lease types etc and this article will quickly go over several such aspects of landlord tenant laws CA. There might be a few clauses of landlord tenant laws CA that might not be mentioned here as it would be very difficult for an article of this size to offer a comprehensive list of all the clauses in landlord tenant laws CA. But, readers will find at least the most relevant tenancy clauses in the following passage.

Lease types - landlord tenant laws CA – According to landlord tenant laws CA, a lease can be written or oral although a lease that extends beyond a period of one year will have to be a written one and not a verbal contract. Verbal contracts are allowed for time periods of less than a year although a landlord will still be required to provide Landlord Tenants Laws in Californiatenants with a written document that will need to list contact information of the landlord and the basic procedures or instructions for rent payment.

Discrimination - landlord tenant laws CA – The landlord tenant laws CA  will disallow the landlord from choosing tenants on a selective basis by using certain parameters such as sex, color, country of origin, sexual orientation etc. The landlord tenant laws CA will also allow tenants to report discriminatory abuse by landlords by calling in on a hotline number that will be provided by the California department of fair housing.

Late fees – landlord tenant laws CA- The landlord tenant laws CA will actually disallow landlords from collecting a late fee for rent payments although landlords will be allowed to charge related expenses that might occur due to a late rent payment. For example, the landlord might maintain a minimum balance with their bank by depositing the rent payments paid by the tenant. The bank might charge a penalty if the balance falls below the minimum payment. If this happened only because the tenant made a late payment on the rent, landlord tenant laws CA will allow landlords to recover that penalty fee from the tenant.

Application rental fee – landlord tenant laws CA – Landlords can charge a rental application fee with which they can perform credit checks, background checks etc although landlord tenant laws CA states that the rental application fee cannot be more than $42.06 (as of 2009). Also, landlord tenant laws CA will require landlords to disclose the credit score to the applying tenant if the applying tenant requests it. The landlord tenant laws CA will also allow a tenant to seek an itemized list of expenses that used up the rental application fee. The landlord tenant laws CA will make it illegal for landlords to collect a rental application fee if the rental apartment was never available in the first place or if the landlord had no intention of giving the applying tenant a chance at tenancy in the apartment.

As mentioned earlier, there are several other aspects to California tenancy law that relate to issues such as evictions, rent increases etc and one can easily find the information that they are looking for by going through the other resources on this site.

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