Law Renters Rights

Law Renters Rights

Every tenant is awarded law renters rights when they sign a lease document or a rental agreement, in any state in the U.S. Every state in the U.S. has unique tenancy laws that will protect a tenant with these law renters rights. This article is dedicated towards explaining a few of those important law renters rights although this article does not have the scope to cover all the aspects of law renters rights as there are just too many to list. If one needed to look up law renters rights in relation to a very particular aspect of their lease, they will be best advised to either consult a real estate attorney or go through the actual law book on tenancy statutes in their state.

Types of leases – law renters rights – Generally, law renters rights are better protected when the tenant has signed a written lease. Though oral leases or verbal understandings are honored in many states, they often lead to abuse of law renters rights as either the landlord or tenant can easily lie and make up fictitious claims in an oral agreement. Some states will have requirements that leases will have to be in writing, especially if they run for a period that is longer than one year.

Length of a lease – law renters rights – The law renters rights will also depend on the length of a lease. Let us take the example of notice periods for lease termination and rent increases. For a month to month lease or a periodic tenancy, law renters rights will allow tenants to usually receive a notice period that equals one period of their renting arrangement. If the lease runs for a fixed amount of time such as a year or longer, law renters rights will usually allow the tenant to receive 60 days of notice although some states will allow as many as 120 days of notice for residents on a fixed lease. The law renters rights will also differ for tenants who are on a lease that is regulated by a rent control board. Under the regulation of a rent control board, law renters rights will usually be very much in favor of the tenant who will have the ability to receive extended notice periods before a landlord can terminate a lease or increase rent.

Discrimination – law renters rights – Though America is often coined as a melting point in terms of its ability to take in people from different cultures, backgrounds and countries, there will always be scattered cases of discrimination that overflow into the renting scene as well. However, the law renters rights in all states will prohibit discrimination of any kind. In fact, states like California even have a hotline number that can be used by tenants who want to call in an abuse of their law renters rights in relation to discrimination. Tenancy law will protect tenants from landlords who might try to discriminate on the basis of income level, source of income, sex, sexual orientation, color, country of origin, handicapped status etc.

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