Louisiana Renters Rights

Louisiana Renters Rights

All Renters laws in the Pelican state of Louisiana were designed to protect the best interests of both tenants as well as landlords. The following article will briefly touch upon the most important Louisiana Renters rights that should be common knowledge to both a tenant as well as a landlord. Having a good understanding of these Louisiana Renters rights will allow the tenant and the landlord to execute a good renting relationship that is free or disputes, stress and frustration.

Right to quiet enjoyment as to Louisiana Renters rights – All the states in the U.S will allow a tenant to enjoy what is called the right to quiet enjoyment. It is no different when it comes to Louisiana Renters rights. These Louisiana Renters rights will entitle a tenant to live in a property that is free of disturbances such as excessive noise or foul odors. In general, these Louisiana Renters rights will abide by what is called city or town ordinances and a rented property will always have to be in compliance with these ordinances. If a property does not comply with these requirements, Louisiana Renters rights will allow a tenant to take up the issue with the landlord and evenRights of renters in Louisana move out of the apartment prematurely if the landlord is not able to rectify the situation in a timely manner. Right to quiet enjoyment will also mean that landlords will have to issue a written notice before they enter a tenant’s property. This notice will usually have to be issued at least 48 hours in advance of an inspection or entry although these particular Louisiana Renters rights will not apply in the case of an emergency when a landlord is free to enter a property at will.

Security deposit pertaining to Louisiana Renters rights – Louisiana Renters rights will allow a tenant to demand that his or her security deposit be refunded within a period of 30 days after vacating the rented property in question. Louisiana Renters rights will disallow a landlord to deduct the security deposit to pay for expenses that are related to normal wear and tear of a property. If a landlord is deducting a security deposit to cover certain expenses, Louisiana Renters rights guidelines require that the landlord submit an itemized bill showing the various expenses within a period of 30 days. The landlord will also have to refund the remaining amount of the security deposit within this period to fulfill the Louisiana Renters rights obligations.

Louisiana Renters rights – Louisiana Renters rights heavily favor the tenant in this aspect and it is the responsibility of the landlord to carry out repairs in a timely and professional manner. If a landlord fails to carry out crucial repairs in a timely manner, Louisiana Renters rights will allow a tenant to outsource the work on their own. They can then claim the expenses related to the repair from the landlord or simply deduct it from the following month’s rent. Louisiana Renters rights guidelines however recommend that the tenant first notify the landlord of their intention to carry out repair work themselves.

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  1. Does a landlord have a right to place a for rent sign in the window of an operating business? There are 6 months still on the lease but tenant made it known that they will not renew in January 2012. Landlord had a large for rent sign placed in front window of the retail business. Doesn’t seem right to me.

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