Maryland Renters Rights

Maryland Renters Rights

All Marylanders who live in rented accommodations will be well advised to read up on some basic Maryland Renters rights. A good understanding of the most important Maryland Renters rights will allow a tenant to both perform their tenant obligations well and also protect themselves against unethical or shady landlords who will take any chance they get to take advantage of unsuspecting tenants. The write up below will go over the most important Maryland Renters rights that are intended to protect the tenant’s well being in a Renters contract.

Security deposit – Maryland Renters rights – Maryland Renters rights about security deposit are very well defined. A landlord is not allowed to charge more than two months of rent as a security deposit. Maryland Renters rights will also require that the landlord provide a receipt for the security rights of renters in marylanddeposit, failing which, he or she can be sued in court. Maryland Renters rights also entitle the tenant to be present for the inspection that is conducted once the tenant has left the apartment. Maryland Renters rights will also make the tenant eligible to receive a refund within a period of 45 days after vacating a certain rented property. It is also required that the landlord pay at least 3% interest on the security deposit that should have been held in a bank account created solely for the purpose of holding the security deposit.

Repairs – Maryland Renters rights – Maryland Renters rights will allow a tenant to make rent payments into what is called a rent escrow account if the landlord does not carry out repair work in a timely manner. This will give the tenant some leverage to speed up the repair process and also protect themselves from negligence on part of the landlord. Maryland Renters rights stipulate that all pressing repairs such as repair to appliances or repair to heating or plumbing facilities be carried out in a very timely fashion.

Right to a quiet enjoyment – Maryland Renters rights – If the tenant lives in a property that is surrounded by other tenants, it is the responsibility of the landlord to ensure that the entire Renters community is one that will allow a tenant to experience quiet enjoyment. Maryland Renters rights pertaining to quite enjoyment will mean that noise, odors, criminal activities or any other hindering disturbance should be eliminated or absent. If the landlord fails to provide an environment that is conducive to quiet enjoyment, Maryland Renters rights will allow a tenant to break the lease and carry out what is called a constructive eviction. This type of eviction will not hold the tenant obligated to any rent payments or damages as the landlord did not fulfill his basic responsibilities.

Evictions – Maryland Renters rights – Maryland Renters rights will protect the tenant against what is called retaliation from the landlords. For example, a landlord might not like the fact that a tenant has filed a complaint against them and might engage in retaliation by shutting off utility supplies or by changing the locks of a property. These types of actions are illegal and Maryland Renters rights will allow a tenant to seek remedial legal action against retaliating landlords.

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