Massachusetts Renters Rights

Massachusetts Renters Rights

All Renters rights in the state of Massachusetts fall under the renter’s law book put forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. While the entire law book might be a very difficult read, the article below will give you a quick summary of Massachusetts Renters rights that are the most important ones to know about when it comes to understanding a tenant – landlord relationship. Reading up on these Massachusetts Renters rights will allow a tenant to understand his or her responsibilities and obligations which will in turn allow them to enjoy a good renting experience.

Requirement of a Renters or lease agreementMassachusetts Renters rights – There are two types of Renters agreements in Massachusetts. One is a written lease that will specify the duration of a rent contract. The other is a tenancy at will agreement which can be oral. The tenancy at will lease will allow a tenant to stay on a month to month basis. It is advised that a tenant should sign a written lease document regardless of which type of lease they are undertaking as a written document is much better for support of Massachusetts Renters rights than a verbal contract.

Renters fees – Massachusetts Renters rights – The Renters amount will usually be specified in the lease agreement and Massachusetts Renters rights will allow a tenant to object to changes in rent within the stipulated lease period. However, Massachusetts Renters rights will not prevent a landlord from increasing their rent after a 30 day notice if the tenant is living on a tenancy at will or month to month arrangement.

Security deposit – Massachusetts Renters rights – Landlords can charge security deposit which will need to be refunded at the end of the lease. Also, Massachusetts Renters rights will allow a tenant to claim interest on the security deposit that will have to be deposited in an interest earning account. If the tenant is staying for several years, Massachusetts Renters right will allow him or her to draw the interest once in a year. If the landlord is deducting the security deposit for damages or repairs, Massachusetts Renters rights will allow the tenant to seek a detailed written explanation that will need to explain the restoration or repair expenses.

Maintenance – Massachusetts Renters rights – Massachusetts Renters rights will allow a tenant to expect good maintenance of both the Renters unit as well as the maintenance of the common areas of the rented property. The landlord will have to maintain the rented property in such a way that it is safe and habitable and in compliance with the appropriate construction and building code. Massachusetts Renters rights will also ensure the privacy of the tenant. For example, Massachusetts Renters rights will allow a tenant to deny entry to a landlord if the landlord has not given proper notice about an entry to a rented property. However, these Massachusetts Renters rights relating to privacy are not applicable in the case of an emergency when a landlord can enter without giving any notice at all.

Disputes – Massachusetts Renters rights – If there are any disputes between the landlord and the tenant, the tenant can seek the assistance of the Attorney General’s office or the Development Housing Services Board to help them out with their case.

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