Michigan Renters Rights

Michigan Renters Rights

Michigan Renters rights laws were formulated with intent to protect both tenants as well as landlords. This article will lean towards the tenant’s side by presenting the most important Michigan Renters rights that will help a tenant protect him or herself against potential abuse by the landlords.

Rent increase – Michigan Renters rights – Michigan Renters rights are very thorough when it comes to increases in rent. A landlord is not permitted to increase the rent of a Renters property before the stipulated lease period is complete. However, changes to state or federal regulations may allow a landlord to increase the rent although Michigan Renters rights will still require the landlord to give a 30 day notice before actually increasing the rent.

Security deposit – Michigan Renters rights – Michigan Renters rights guidelines require that the security deposit amount cannot be more than 1.5 times the equivalent amount of a month’s rent. Michigan Renters rights will also allow the tenant to get information about the bank account where the security deposit amount will be held. The landlord must keep the security deposit separate from personal and financial accounts. Michigan Renters rights will also allow the tenant to seek a full refund of the security deposit within 30 days after a lease has expired. If any deductions have been made to the security deposit, it is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a detailed listing of repair expenses to the tenant within a period of 30 days. If the landlord has made unfair deductions to the security deposit, it is important that the tenant take action within a period of 7 days to dispute the deductions as Michigan Renters rights will not protect them if the 7 day period has passed.

Eviction – Michigan Renters rights – Michigan Renters rights will protect the tenant against retaliation from landlords. In other words, it would be illegal for a landlord to lock out a tenant without a proper court issued eviction notice. Michigan Renters rights however cannot save a tenant from a court issued eviction notice as the tenant will have no choice but to evict the premises. If he or she fails to do so, law enforcement may be used to forcibly evict the tenant and their personal belongings.

Lease agreement document – Michigan Renters rights – A lease agreement in the state of Michigan will need to abide by the guidelines put forth by the Truth in renting act which can be found on the State’s website for tenants. If a landlord prepares a lease with an illegal clause, the Michigan Renters rights will allow a tenant to take the landlord to court, sue for monetary damages and also free themselves of any obligation to a lease. Some landlords in Michigan will try to include a clause in a lease that will allow them to evict a tenant without a court issued notice. It is illegal to have such a clause. If you haven’t gone through your lease agreement, it is still not too late and it possible for you to have the lease agreement modified or at least free of illegal clauses that are not applicable in the first place.

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