Minnesota Renters Rights

Minnesota Renters Rights

Not everyone can afford to buy a home of their own in the state of Minnesota which is why there are several thousand properties for rent. For tenants residing in Minnesota, it is important that they know their Minnesota Renters rights in order to ensure that they are going through a just renting experience. While the full list of Minnesota Renters rights will take several hours to read, one can read up on the most important Minnesota Renters rights by going through the points mentioned below.

Maintenance of the property – Minnesota Renters rights – Minnesota Renters rights will allow a potential tenant to first thoroughly inspect a Renters property before entering into any kind of lease document. Minnesota Renters rights will also allow a potential tenant to raise concerns about particular problems in the apartment which should be taken into consideration by the landlord. The landlord need not attend to all the concerns raised by the potential tenant although he will have to make sure that the rented property is in a safe and habitable condition. A safe and habitable condition will usually mean that the rented property should have running water, electricity and heat while also being energy efficient to reasonable levels.

Renters application fees – Minnesota Renters rights – Many potential tenants often think that a Renters application fee is against their Minnesota Renters rights although the reality is that landlords are legally allowed to charge a reasonable fee to cover their costs of background checks or credit checks that they usually run on potential tenants. Minnesota Renters rights will however allow the tenant to seek a refund of the application fee if they are able to successfully become a tenant of the property they had applied for.

Security deposits – Minnesota Renters rights – While most of the states in the U.S.A have limitations on the amount of security deposit that can be charged, Minnesota has no such limit which will mean that a landlord is free to charge whatever amount they please as security deposit. However, it should be a reasonable amount and not something that can be manipulated to make it difficult for certain people to rent an apartment as it would be in violation of Minnesota Renters rights. Minnesota Renters rights will also allow a tenant to seek a full refund of the security deposit along with accumulated interest at the end of lease period as long as they have left the apartment in good shape.

Tenant application reports – Minnesota Renters rights – If a tenant applied for a Renters property and was denied, Minnesota Renters rights will allow that tenant to seek a free report on their background check or screening check that was run by the landlord. Minnesota Renters rights will also allow the tenant to dispute any inaccuracies in the report that was the reason for their denied application.

Lease agreements – Minnesota Renters rights – State law requires that a landlord who is in possession of more than 12 units should enter into a written lease agreement with a tenant although landlords with less than 12 properties can enter into verbal agreements before renting out an apartment.

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