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As A Renter, You Have Rights!

Mississippi Renters Rights

Mississippi Renters Rights

Tenants in Mississippi are protected by an extensive set of laws that are otherwise known as Mississippi Renters rights. While it might be difficult for the common man to read up on complex legal language that will be mentioned in law handbooks, one would find it quite easy to read through the passage below to understand the most important Mississippi Renters rights that are in effect today. It is important that a tenant or even a landlord brush up on these Mississippi Renters rights as it will help them understand their duties and responsibilities as a tenant or landlord well.

Repairs – Mississippi Renters rights – Mississippi Renters rights will allow a tenant to notify the landlord of a repair that is necessary in a property. It is advised that the tenant submits a written request as it will protect their Mississippi Renters rights in the event of a dispute. Once a tenant submits a written request, the landlord has 30 days to carry out the repairs. If the landlord does not carry out the repair in a timely fashion, the tenant may hire help to carry out the repair themselves. Mississippi Renters rights will also allow the tenant to recover this expense from the landlord who will be obligated to reimburse the expenses within a period of 45 days. If the landlord fails to reimburse repair work carried out by the tenant within a period of 45 days, Mississippi Renters rights will allow the tenant to deduct the repair expenses from their next rent payment.

Security deposit – Mississippi Renters rights – According to Mississippi Renters rights guidelines, a landlord will need to refund the security deposit amount to a tenant within a period of 45 days after the end of a lease. If there are any deductions in the security deposit refund, the landlord will need to provide an itemized bill explaining the various deductions. Mississippi Renters rights will allow a tenant to take action against the landlord if they do not refund the security deposit amount within a period of 45 days or if the landlord refunds a partial amount without a written explanation of the expenses. In these cases, Mississippi Renters rights will allow a tenant to receive $200 in addition to the original security deposit amount that is owed.

Eviction process – Mississippi Renters rights – Mississippi Renters rights will give a tenant a three day grace period before an eviction is carried out. A written notice of an eviction must be served and the tenant will have a period of three days in which they can pay off the owed rent. If the tenant pays their rent in the three day grace period, Mississippi Renters rights will make the eviction null and void.

Habitable living conditions – Mississippi Renters rights – Tenants in Mississippi are entitled to a clean and habitable rented property that should have good plumbing, electricity and heating facilities. The rented property in question must also be in compliance with all the building codes that are applicable in the local jurisdiction.