Missouri Renters Rights

Missouri Renters Rights

Missouri Renters rights are governed by Chapter 441 of the Missouri statutes. One might be able to get their hands on the law book at a library although it will be quite difficult to read up on Missouri Renters rights if you are reading through complex legal mumbo jumbo that you will generally find in law hand books. The article below will be able to help you out quickly if you are looking for a quick reference to the most common Missouri Renters rights that revolve around common tenant-landlord issues such as security deposit, evictions and leases etc.

Security deposits – Missouri Renters rights – Missouri Renters rights will restrict the amount of security deposit that can be charged to an amount that is equivalent to not more than two months of rent. A landlord will have to refund the security deposit amount within a period of 30 days after the expiry of a lease, failing which, Missouri Renters rights will allow the tenant to sue the landlord for an amount that is twice the equivalent amount of the security deposit that is withheld. If the landlord is holding back a part of or the whole security deposit for repair expenses related to damage caused by the tenant, he or she will have to show written proof of these expenses in the form of an itemized bill. Missouri Renters rights will prevent the landlord from deducting the security deposit to pay for expenses that are related to normal wear and tear such as faded carpets or faded paint.

Review of the lease – Missouri Renters rights – Missouri Renters rights will allow the tenant to seek a review of the lease agreement if he or she is not happy with a certain clause. A reviewed and modified lease agreement will then have to be signed by both the tenant and the landlord in order for it to become a legally binding document.

Repairs and deductions from rent – Missouri Renters rights – Missouri Renters rights will allow a tenant to carry out repairs by themselves on a rented property and then deduct it from the rent payments although there are some restrictions to this. For example, Missouri Renters rights will allow deductions for repairs for an amount that is not more than $300 or one half of the monthly rent, whichever is higher. It is also necessary that the tenant must have lived in the rented property for a period of at least 6 consecutive months in order to be able to deduct repair expenses from rent payments. It is also necessary that the tenant inform his or her intent of carrying out repairs with a 14 day notice during which time the landlord can respond by saying that they will carry out the repairs themselves. It is also important for tenants to read up on the specific sections of their lease to learn more about Missouri Renters rights that are related to repairs and reimbursements in their particular Renters case.

Eviction process – Missouri Renters rights – All evictions can only be carried out with a proper court served eviction notice. Landlords are not permitted to change the locks or lock out tenants without filing an eviction case against them in court. As for notice of eviction or non renewal of lease, a landlord or a tenant will have to give a 60 day notice when a written contract is in effect. This notice period is reduced to just 30 days if the lease is on a month to month basis or if is based on a verbal agreement.

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