Nebraska Rental Rights

Nebraska Rental Rights

Rental disputes are probably the most common civil lawsuits that occur in Nebraska. It is amazing how many disputes arise out of a simple lack of understanding of Nebraska rental rights that are applicable to both landlords as well as tenants. This article will quickly go over the most important Nebraska rental rights that are applicable today.

Lease or rental agreements – Nebraska rental rights –All lease agreements in the state of Nebraska will have to comply with the landlord tenant act. A written lease is necessary for long rent periods and verbal lease agreements will mean that tenants are either living on a week to week basis or a month to month basis. Also, the absence of a written lease agreement will mean that the rent amount is set to an amount that is equal to the fair market value of the rental property.

Security deposit – Nebraska rental rights – Nebraska rental rights about security suggest that the security deposit amount requested by the landlord cannot exceed an amount that is more than the equivalent of one month’s rent. This amount is slightly raised if the tenant has a pet and the landlord will be able to charge an amount that is 1.25 times the equivalent of one month’s rent. Nebraska rental rights will make it eligible for a tenant in Nebraska to receive a refund on their security deposit within a period of just 14 days after leaving an apartment, assuming that they are leaving at the end of a lease.

Maintenance responsibilities – Nebraska rental rights – Maintenance responsibilities of the landlord are to keep the rented property in a safe and habitable condition. Thus, Nebraska rental rights will require that a rented property always have functioning plumbing, heating and electricity. A landlord is also obliged to keep the common areas of a rented property clean. Nebraska rental rights also require that the tenant do his part to maintain the property in a clean and sanitary manner. Tenants also have the right to peaceful or quiet enjoyment which means that they can enjoy their property as long as they are not a disturbance to neighboring tenants.

Eviction process – Nebraska rental rights – All evictions will have to be carried out with a court order. Nebraska rental rights will protect a tenant against impromptu evictions that are carried out by the landlord. For example, Nebraska rental rights will make it illegal for a landlord to lock out tenants or cut off their utilities without serving a proper court issued eviction notice. Even if a court issues an eviction notice, Nebraska rental rights will allow the tenant a grace period of 30 days before they are forcibly evicted out of the apartment. Nebraska rental rights are also laid out in such a way that the legal costs and attorney fees will have to be borne by the losing party, regardless of whether it is the landlord or the tenant.

Property damaged by fire – Nebraska rental rights – If a property has been damaged by fire or other serious forms of damage, Nebraska rental rights will allow a tenant to move out of the property after giving a 14 day notice. If the tenant decides to reside at a damaged property, Nebraska rental rights will require that the landlord adjust the rent after taking into consideration the damage to the apartment.

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