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As A Renter, You Have Rights!

New Hampshire Rental Rights

New Hampshire Rental Rights

Whether you live as a tenant in Nashua, Manchester, Concord, Dover or any other  town or city in the state of New Hampshire, you will be well advised to read up on some of the most common New Hampshire rental rights. Knowing New Hampshire rental rights will allow a tenant to enjoy his renting experience without having to be worried about getting into a pickle of a situation with a landlord or rental agency. Here is a quick summary of the most important New Hampshire rental rights that a tenant should be aware of.

Laws against discrimination – New Hampshire rental rights – State law prevent landlords from discrimination of any form. Landlords are not allowed to reject rental applicants based on their sex, country of origin, race or color. New Hampshire rental rights also state that it is illegal for a landlord to evict a tenant because they have AIDS.

Security deposits – New Hampshire rental rights – According to New Hampshire rental law, a landlord with six or more units can charge a security deposit that is not more than the equivalent sum of one month’s rent or $100, whichever is greater. A landlord may withhold a refund of the security deposit after a lease is up if he can prove that the tenant damaged the apartment. He may prove this by showing receipts of repair work to rectify the damage done.

Terminating a lease – New Hampshire rental rights – A tenant’s lease may be terminated if they are considered a nuisance to the property or if they fail to pay rent of if they violate the terms of the rental agreement. New Hampshire rental rights are a bit vague when it comes to the lease termination clause as the state law has a provision called termination on the basis of “for other good cause”. This is open to interpretation and only a tenant will be able to judge their New Hampshire rental rights in this regard by going over their rental lease agreement in great detail.

Eviction process – New Hampshire rental rights – If a tenant is guilty of nonpayment of rent, the landlord can serve an eviction notice. New Hampshire rental rights will however offer a 15 day grace period within which the tenant can pay off owed rent and remain in the property. New Hampshire rental rights will allow a tenant to contest an eviction if they have not been given a proper notice or if the eviction was a result of retaliation on part of the landlord for a complaint filed by the tenant.

Late payment – New Hampshire rental rights – Late payment is restricted to an amount of $15 although the amount can be more if the tenant has been late more than three times in a calendar year. New Hampshire rental rights about late payment may also differ depending upon the individual lease agreement that is signed.

Increase in rent – New Hampshire rental rights – Most states will protect a tenant against an increase in rent although landlords are free to increase rent in the state of New Hampshire as long as they give 30 days’ notice.