Oklahoma Rental Rights

Oklahoma Rental Rights

Oklahoma rental rights will allow a tenant to live in a clean and habitable environment, receive adequate notice periods before termination of a lease, receive a security deposit refund and also be entitled to some other benefits. The article below will briefly go over the just mentioned Oklahoma rental rights in addition to some others that will come in handy to protect tenants in the state of Oklahoma.

Security deposit – Oklahoma rental rights – Most of the sates in the U.S. put a limit on the amount of security deposit that can be charged although landlords in Oklahoma have no such restrictions. However, Oklahoma rental rights will allow a tenant to receive a refund of the security deposit within a period of 30 days after the end of a lease. For one to exercise Oklahoma rental rights in regards to security deposit refunds, one would have to remember that they have to file a written request to the landlord seeking a refund. If no such request is filed within a period of 6 months after leaving a property, Oklahoma rental rights to receive the security deposit will no longer exist and the landlord can legally keep the security deposit to themselves. Also, Oklahoma rental rights require that the landlord deposit the security deposit amount in a bank that has federal insurance.

Termination of the lease – Oklahoma rental rights – If a landlord fails to carry out his responsibilities, Oklahoma rental rights will allow a tenant to prematurely terminate a lease although they will still be required to give at least one month notice. On the landlord’s side, a lease can be terminated for nonpayment of rent or for violation of terms of the lease or at the end of a lease period. In each case, Oklahoma rental rights will allow a tenant to receive a reasonable amount of time to fix the problem before the lease is terminated.

Garbage or trash receptacles – Oklahoma rental rights – If there are more than two residents in a rental community managed by the landlord, Oklahoma rental rights will require that the landlord provide trash receptacles. However, the landlord need not provide trash or garbage receptacles if the government has already done so.

Provision of heat and water supply – Oklahoma rental rights – Oklahoma rental rights will allow a tenant to terminate a lease without any obligations if the landlord fails to provide water and heat at all times.

Changes to the lease – Oklahoma rental rights – Changes can be made to the lease although the changes will have to be in the best interest of the tenants and not the landlords. It would be against Oklahoma rental rights if a landlord changed a lease to accommodate an increase in rent. In this case, Oklahoma rental rights will allow a tenant to dispute the increase in rent by not signing on the modified lease.

Repeat offences by the landlord – Oklahoma rental rights – Repeated offences by the landlord in the state of Oklahoma might result in the prohibition of the particular landlord from ever doing business again. Thus, it is important that tenants promptly report landlords who are in violation of Oklahoma rental rights. This will encourage a good renting environment for other tenants in the state of Oklahoma.

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  1. I rented a house the first part of December 2010 with a 1 yr. lease and 30 day notice to vacate. The house is not up to code on the electricity or the gas. The gas company refused to turn on the gas because of a sizable leak. The range is gas, therefore, I could not cook in the house. When one touches the water faucet, one gets shocked with electricity. When trying to cook with a microwave, the microwave blew up and smoke appeared. When the refrigerator cycled on, the lights would serge in the other part of the house. The only heat in the house is gas and without gas, I had no heat. The landlord told me that he would not fix anything. After giving the landlord verbal 30 day notice, the landlord immediately changed the locks on the house and after paying $250.00 cash, the landlord let me back into the house and said that all my things were there. All of my belongings that had any value were gone. Drawers were pulled out and dumped onto the floor. When approached and asked what happened to my belongings, the landlord said that it was not his problem. Things that were missing include; 42″ flat screen television and a smaller flat screen television, surround sound system, Prom dresses, important paperwork, electric drill and misc. tools, dog pen, women’s clothing, new in box bassinet, women’s underwear, new luggage, Bearcat Scanner, DVD player, pictures from the walls, and miscellaneous items, including jewelry and sentimental paintings and heirloom items. I called the local police and they delivered a blank statement paper for me to fill out and return to the police. The police didn’t investigate the residence or the condition of the residence. The dog pen was located at the landlord’s son-in-law’s house and when questioned about it, he said that he wanted to get the dog pen for me so no one else would take it. He denies knowing anything concerning the whereabouts of the stolen items. The landlord denies taking the items and stated that it was the next door neighbor, who has been gone on vacation for the last two weeks. The landlord owns a storage rental business and would have plenty of room to hide the stolen items. The maintenance man hired by the landlord could not be reached to question. The only people that had keys to get into the house was the landlord and maintenance man. Upon arrival at the residence to remove my belongings, realizing that I had been robbed, I also was informed that the landlord was conveniently camping at a local lake and could not be reached for several days. The windows at the residence were all secure,and no forced entry was sited.

  2. I rented a house about 2 months ago. Now the land lord has sold the house & is only giving us 2 weeks to move out. Isn’t she supposed to give me 30 days? She says she doesn’t.

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