Oregon Rental Rights

Oregon Rental Rights

In order for a tenant to enjoy a good rental relationship with their landlord in the state of Oregon, they need to be aware of several Oregon rental rights that were implemented to protect the best interests of both the tenant as well as the landlord. One can go through the Oregon residential landlord/tenant act to read a complete listing of Oregon rental rights although this article will quickly summarize the most important Oregon rental rights that come in use for a tenant. The issues discussed below are usually the most common sources of conflict between landlords and tenants and understanding the rights surrounding these issues will dramatically reduce the possibility of disputes.

Security deposits – Oregon rental rights – Oregon rental rights will allow a tenant to seek a refund of their security deposit within a 31 day period after vacating the premises of a rented property. Oregon rental rights guidelines lay down rules that tenants living on a week to week basis do not need to pay security deposits. Some states in the U.S will require that the landlord reimburse security deposits to tenants after adding any accrued interest although Oregon rental rights will allow the landlord to keep the accumulated interest for themselves.

Notice period – Oregon rental rights – Oregon rental rights require that a tenant be given a 30 day notice before termination of a lease if they are living on a month to month lease or on a lease for a fixed period of time. Oregon rental rights will require that a week to week tenant be given at least 7 days notice before a lease is terminated.

Evictions – Oregon rental rights – Oregon law disallows landlords from taking eviction procedures into their own hands. As a result, a landlord will not be able to force a tenant out of an apartment even if they do not pay rent or are found in violation of the rental agreement. Oregon rental rights will require that landlords go through the court system to issue an eviction notice. Landlords are also not allowed to change the locks of a property or engage in other retaliations such as utility cut offs with an intention to get rid of the tenant.

Late fees – Oregon rental rights – A landlord may charge late fees only after 4 days have passed after the due date. Also, Oregon rental rights will require that the rental agreement specifically mention a clause describing how late fees will be charged. There are no limitations on the amount of late fees that can be charged although it will have to be reasonable and comparative with existing market standards.

Right to privacy – Oregon rental rights – Oregon rental rights will offer tenants privacy from sudden entry on part of the landlords. Landlords can make inspections or check the apartment only after giving a 24 hour notice to do so. However, these Oregon rental rights that ensure privacy will not apply during an emergency situation. Also, a landlord can enter a property at a reasonable time without any notice if the client has requested a repair in the rental property with written consent.

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