Oregon Tenant Laws

Oregon Tenant Laws – An Overview of Tenancy Law in Oregon

Oregon tenant laws are governed by chapter 90 of the state’s statutes. It will go over the various rights and responsibilities of both the tenants and the landlords. If you are looking to quickly familiarize yourself with the most important points about Oregon tenant laws, you can read through the following passage to get an easy understanding of the various aspects of Oregon tenant laws that are in effect today.

Habitable conditions – Oregon tenant laws – According to Oregon tenant laws, a rental property must have drinkable water, both hot and cold, and sufficient heat for the entire indoor space of a rental property. In addition to these basic conditions of habitability, Oregon tenant laws will also require the property to have working locks and a working smoke detector to alert tenants and neighbors about a possible fire. If an apartment does not meet these conditions of habitability, Oregon tenant laws will allow the tenant to demand suitable repairs or will allow the tenant to break the lease and move out without having to pay any damages or compensation to the landlord.

Privacy rights – Oregon tenant laws – Oregon tenant laws will protect the privacy of tenants against intrusions by the landlord. According to Oregon tenant laws, the landlord will only be able to enter a property after providing a written notice that will need to be issued 24 hours prior to the time of entry. Additionally, Oregon tenant laws will allow a tenant to permit access to the landlord only if the landlord has a valid reason such as wanting to carry out inspection or repairs. However, it is important for Oregon tenants to understand that these Oregon tenant laws relating to privacy do not apply in the case of an emergency such as a fire or an earthquake. In these situations, Oregon tenant laws will allow the landlord to enter without providing any kind of prior notice.

Repairs – Oregon tenant laws – As mentioned earlier, Oregon tenant laws will require the landlord to always maintain a property in a habitable condition. A tenant may withhold rent payments if the apartment is not in a habitable condition or they may even carry out the repairs themselves and then deduct the expenses from future rent payments. However, tenants have to understand that landlords often dispute or reject repairs carried out by tenants and tenants will be well advised to quickly consult an attorney to find out about reimbursement procedures before they carry out any major repairs.

Security deposits – Oregon tenant laws -  Most states in the U.S. will restrict the amount of security deposit that can be charged although Oregon tenant laws do not pose any such limitations. Oregon landlords can charge any security deposit amount that they deem fit although they will be required by law to refund the security deposit to the tenant within 31 days after the end of a lease or after the date on which the tenant has vacated the rental property. According to Oregon tenancy laws, the landlord is not obliged to pay the tenant any interest that might have accumulated on the security deposit during the course of the lease term.

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