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As A Renter, You Have Rights!

Pennsylvania Rental Rights

Pennsylvania Rental Rights

Pennsylvania rental rights are defined by the Pennsylvania landlord tenant act that was enacted way back in the year 1951. A tenant might find it difficult to read through a full version of the law book that will go over the various Pennsylvania rental rights that will often be written in a legal language that is hard to understand by the common man. However, this article will summarize the most important Pennsylvania rental rights in a very easy to understand language.

Right to quiet enjoyment – Pennsylvania rental rights – These particular Pennsylvania rental rights will allow a tenant to experience what is called as quiet enjoyment of a rented property. Quiet enjoyment has several meanings. Tenants have the right to demand an environment where the neighbors do not make too much noise. Also, Pennsylvania rental rights in regards to quiet enjoyment will restrict the entry of the landlord into the property. The landlord may only enter after giving sufficient notice to the tenant about their entry. If a landlord fails to provide a renting atmosphere that is not conducive to quiet enjoyment, Pennsylvania rental rights will allow the tenant to sue the landlord and also terminate the lease without having to fulfill any contractual obligations on their part.

Evictions – Pennsylvania rental rights – Every state has its own laws about Your Renters Rights in Pennsylvaniaeviction and grounds for eviction. It is no different for Pennsylvania which has its own unique Pennsylvania rental rights. An eviction process can only be carried out with a court issued eviction notice. Pennsylvania rental rights will allow a tenant to receive a 10 day notice about the impending eviction application to the court. They can use these 10 days to contest their case in court. However, if they fail to win their case, the landlord may evict the client with the help of the sheriff, 10 days after the issuance of the court order.

Security deposit – Pennsylvania rental rights – Pennsylvania rental rights restrict the maximum security deposit amount to an amount that is the equivalent of two months’ rent for the first year of a lease. If a lease extends to two years, the landlord may only seek one month’s rent as security deposit for the second year. Pennsylvania rental rights also require that the landlord refund the security deposit within a period of 30 days after the lease has expired and after the tenant has left the apartment. Also, Pennsylvania rental rights will also require that the landlord pay the tenant any interest earned on the security deposit that should have been deposited in an escrow account during the tenure of the lease.

Rights to entry for the landlord – Pennsylvania rental rights – Pennsylvania rental rights will ensure that tenants can enjoy their privacy without having to worry about the landlord entering their property at unreasonable or unannounced times. Landlords will have to provide at least a 24 hour notice before entering an apartment for a valid reason such as carrying out an inspection or to conduct repairs. These rights however do not apply in emergency situations where the landlord is free to enter at will without any notice.